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Nate Holmes

Hello there! I’m Nate Holmes. In first grade, I had a black, Nike t-shirt and matching baseball cap. Wearing the small, white swoosh made me faster and stronger while playing soccer in my backyard. I would have worn that same outfit every day if my Mom would have allowed. I still feel that way about the Nike brand. I totally geek out on brands and the way they make us feel -- through the way they talk, the visuals they use, and the stories they tell.

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Four questions to answer with asset-level analytics

by Nate Holmes, March 23, 2017

Google analytics gives you insight into website traffic, navigation, and conversions. Social media analytics gives you engagement and share data. But what about the individual assets that make up your content? Are you spending time creating the right assets? Where are they being used?

Identifying those key data points to measure the value of your content will help your teams prioritize what they create. Take advantage of asset-level analytics to evaluate. Here are four questions you can answer with asset-level analytics.

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Topics: Marketing Insights, Content Analytics

Two free ways to use DAM for Salesforce and one paid connector

by Nate Holmes, March 13, 2017

Content is a powerful sales tool. 87% of buyers surveyed said that the solution provider they chose provided ample content to help them through each stage of the decision-making process (via DemandGen Report). Are your teams equipped to provide your buyers ample content throughout the decision-making process?

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Are you making the right investments in marketing technology?

by Nate Holmes, February 15, 2017

To make an impact for our organization, we look first to innovation. We look to introduce something novel, a new technology or a new process. Offering something new feels good. But is innovation the only way to make a positive impact?

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Topics: Marketing, DAM, MarTech

Applying the scientific method to marketing analytics

by Nate Holmes, January 25, 2017

Have you ever opened the analytics section of an application and wondered, “What do I do with this?” Maybe you feel a little anxiety building because you have all this data but don’t know how to turn it into something useful for your team. Or people ask you in meetings, “What does analytics tell us?” If you have that analytics page open right now, close the app, and let’s explore how to gain insight from your data.

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Topics: DAM, Marketing Insights, Content Analytics

Four challenges to tackle before jumping into creating content

by Nate Holmes, December 6, 2016

Andy Wang, former Digital Marketing Manager at World Kitchen, kicked off his Widen Summit 2016 presentation by saying, “Every company and organization has a challenge. How do we connect authentic stories to our consumers?” As marketers, we tend to gravitate to talking about ourselves and features of our products. But if we want to create deeper, more genuine connections with our consumers, we can’t just talk about ourselves.

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Topics: Customer Stories, Content

Summit Stories: Filenaming conventions for DAM success

by Nate Holmes, November 16, 2016

If you could add 10 seconds to a process that leads to hours of time savings across your organization, would you?

We want our teams to work efficiently, to spend less time on mundane tasks and more time using their creativity and problem-solving skills to move the company forward. Finding files is one of those mundane tasks everyone experiences. Some of us work with text-heavy documents. Some of us work with visual files like photographs and videos. But when any of us are looking for a file to complete our work and can’t find it, that’s a barrier to productivity.

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Topics: DAM

Summit Stories: Our favorite photographs from the 2016 Widen Summit

by Nate Holmes, November 2, 2016

Can you make a spider? How about Tinkerbell? R2D2? These are all questions Brian Quinn, a Widen advisor, received while twisting balloons during the welcome reception of the 2016 Widen Summit. With balloon twisting, a live band, canoeing, painting, and laser tag, it’s not your average DAM conference. But that’s all just a bonus to the sessions and conversations focused on helping an already talented group of DAMsters learn more.

We’ve compiled 16 of our favorite photographs of the Widen Summit taken by our pros Mark Pajari and Matt Anderson.

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Topics: Events, Culture & Company, Widen Summit

Summit Stories: DAM as a revenue driver

by Nate Holmes, October 26, 2016

The sales team is on the front line of creating clients. They provide a personal touch to the voice and messaging of your company, specific to the buyer they are interacting with.  It’s critical that salespeople are equipped to communicate the value your company provides. Photographs and videos are critical assets that help communicate the ideas of your product and/or service.

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Topics: Widen Summit, Customer Stories

Summit Stories: Coordinating global marketing for one brand in 23 countries

by Nate Holmes, October 19, 2016

As a global brand, you don’t have one “global” audience. Your audience consists of multiple regional and local audiences. Within each of those audiences are specific stories to capture and tell. Those stories don’t just magically appear. There has to be an initiative to find, capture, and then share them. It takes communication and collaboration. When it happens, it’s a powerful tool to connecting your brand to your specific audiences.

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Topics: Marketing

Summit stories: Their inspiration for a DAM move

by Nate Holmes, October 12, 2016

The journey for digital asset management (DAM) starts with the desire for your people to have access to the assets they need, when they need them. Roughly a third of our customers come from a different DAM system. The remaining two thirds are coming from scattered, unaccessible, or limiting systems. We’ve worked with organizations transitioning from boxes of CDs to internal servers to Dropbox to individual desktops. These systems can work for some things, but marketing and digital teams are coming to us more and more because their current systems aren’t working. The volume of assets being managed and the variety of audiences that need access to the assets becomes too much. They need a better way.

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Topics: Widen Summit, Customer Stories, DAM

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