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Digital asset management (DAM) software is a brand bunker


Digital asset management software is a brand bunkerWhen business confidence is down, it’s difficult to justify entering the buying cycle – even when the right purchase can save your organization money and streamline workflows. The economy might be uncertain, but digital asset management can bolster business confidence as a bunker for your brand.

Bunkers protect you and your possessions. The safety of those bunker walls give you the confidence of knowing your valuables won’t be lost or destroyed.

In some ways, your company has similar concerns. Your brand assets are the most valuable your business has. The brand is the face of your organization, the culmination of every experience your stakeholders have with you. So why risk letting harm come to it? Protect your brand assets with a digital asset management system — an online repository where you can centralize, store, and share your most valued brand documents — and feel confident that they’re safe.

Your videos, photos, audio files, campaigns, brochures, presentations, and sales materials are all assets of your brand. A solid DAM system ensures that only the people you want will have access to those assets and, ultimately, control of your brand.

By storing assets in a central location, you save hours  you and your team might otherwise have spent searching for files and duplicating lost ones. You save money on storage space and increase team productivity. If used right, a DAM system enables multiple people in multiple locations to communicate the same message, look and feel about your organization and build a consistent brand experience for all stakeholders, no matter where they are.

That’s really the key for your brand: consistency. They say consistency breeds believability and I think it’s true. Nothing makes people more confident than the safety of consistency. And nothing makes people buy like a reason to believe.

To learn what DAM can do you for your business and brand, visit www.widen.com and request a guided demo of our software. And, to learn more about what kind of return DAM delivers, see the ROI calculator at DigitalAssetManagement.com.

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