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Making Digital Asset Management a Success in Higher Education - Recorded Webinar


We hosted a fabulous webinar this week discussing experiences and best practices for digital asset management at colleges and universities.

“Making DAM a success for higher education: How to plan, structure and utilize digital asset management solutions” featured Corey Chimko, the digital asset management administrator for the Cornell University photography department. Corey is among the most knowledgeable and passionate digital asset librarians in higher ed and beyond. He shared great experiences, best practices and practical tips for DAM that could be applied right away.

Corey manages a digital asset library of over 350,000 assets for Cornell University’s marketing division, which includes photos and videos in support of a client list of over 600 entities. Topping off the growing digital library needs, Corey assists with Cornell’s 12-13,000 photo shoots per year, which breaks down to 6-7 shoots per day where photos need to be ingested, cataloged, tagged and secured. Undoubtedly, Corey has a wealth of considerations worth noting for managing a large number of digital assets at a higher ed institution.

We’ve made the recording and slide deck available for you to view and share. Access the recording here.

The topics covered in the webinar include:

  • Common themes for higher education and DAM
  • Key considerations when planning for a DAM system
  • How to approach metadata and search
  • Migrating assets to a categorized structure
  • Tips and advice from Corey
    • Choosing a DAM administrator
    • User governance
    • Keeping your system up-to-date

Corey had a number of great tips and advice to share in a variety of different areas - from how to migrate away from hard drives to what to think about in making your new DAM system implementation a lasting success.

Download the slide deck and access the webinar recording here.

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