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What the pros use to market the championship apparel worn by the pros


We hear all about “what the pros wear” when it comes to our championship-caliber athletes. What you often don’t hear about is what the pros use to manage and distribute the images you see when you want to buy what what the pros wear. Marketing and creative pros that is.

You are right! That would be Widen.

More specifically, Widen Digital Sampling and Digital Asset Management make it happen.

We’ve written before about how Widen has supported the hot market demands of the official apparel suppliers to the NFL, NBA, NHL, and now Major League Baseball — along with many other licensed sports apparel marketers for colleges and universities across the country.

Widen has all but set the standard in how sports licensed apparel is managed, distributed and presented in the digital channels where you see it first.

The most recent example of this on display come with the victors of the 2012 World Series, the San Francisco Giants.

While Widen did not create the digital samples shown here with graphics applied this time around, the garment blanks were shot in our photo studio and the master assets are housed and delivered with Widen DAM software. Both of the vendors shown here are Widen DAM customers. Watch this video to learn more about Widen Digital Sampling services.

San Francisco Giants World Series apparel email blast

The Widen digital production process and apparel marketing technology helps marketers cut costs, improve efficiency and shorten time to market.

More specific benefits of using Widen cloud-based Digital Asset Management include:

  • Accelerated search and retrieval time in accessing official imagery
  • Increased real-time collaboration of assets and approvals
  • Cost savings through the elimination of physical delivery of samples
  • Elimination of the cost of lost or misplaced work
  • Reduction in time-to-market through digital delivery

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