DAM Consulting Services from Widen

From user training and system promotions to metadata structure and system analysis, we’ve got you covered.

Are you a customer looking for advice on how to maintain your Media Collective site and get your system users engaged? Look no further. Our DAM Consultants are here to help keep your DAM system rolling long after you complete the initial implementation process.

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There are two levels of DAM Consulting offered by Widen.

1. Consulting services included with your subscription

  • Regular contact to communicate upcoming changes
  • Advise on system maintenance and suggestions for improvement

2. Additional consulting services outside your subscription (contracted for a fee)

  • System configuration and workflow management*
  • Metadata structure and custom integrations*
  • System promotion to your users*
  • Facilitated training sessions*

*We don’t provide asset-level administrative work, but we can connect you with external contractors who do.

Additional consulting services

The work of our DAM experts is meant to complement your internal DAM administrators, not replace them. After all, your DAM admins manage the everyday operations of your Media Collective site and know your organization best. But together, we can make great things happen!

Here’s what our team can do for you:


Configuration and Integration

We’ll help you customize your dashboard, brand or re-brand your site and assess your storage needs. We can also help with system expansion and system integrations. And if you’ve inherited a neglected site or just need a little help with spring cleaning, we’ll guide you through that, too.


Data and Workflow

We can evaluate your Collective site’s organizational structure and workflow, then share best practices gleaned from our teams and other customers to best serve your needs. Areas of service include Metadata Structure and Workflow, Bulk Upload, Metadata Import, and Bulk File Export.*

*Metadata entry is a customer-owned maintenance



Our experts can lead in-depth administrator training and user training for your teams. While introductory tutorials and training webinars are available to new customers at no cost, these training sessions provide a deeper dive and are personalized for your admins and users. They feature your branded interface, your digital assets, and your metadata to train your user community and support adoption. All sessions come with an email invitation and a recording of the live session that can be added to your Media Collective site. Session types include Admin Working Session, General User Training Session, Advanced User Training Session, On-Site Training Session, and a Training Kit.



Using the Media Collective asset and user engagement analytics, coupled with Google Analytics, we’ll review your data and create an aggregated data report with a high level assessment of your DAM system. We’ll also share insights and make recommendations for areas of strength and improvement going forward.


Marketing and Promotion

Our marketing and content expertise make us a unique candidate to promote your Media Collective site to your user community. There are several ways we can help you build awareness of your site and get users on board, including email and system messages, user contests, and user surveys.

To discuss your needs, or to get more information or pricing, contact us today!

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