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We interviewed Yankee Candle’s Sales Planning Manager, Lisa Gauvin. Here, she talks about recommending Widen Media Collective to other organizations in need of DAM.

We know the Widen Media Collective is a great DAM system. We also know that, when it’s the right fit for an organization, there aren’t many better investments that a business can make. But, you expect us to say that. That’s why it’s more believable to hear recommendations from users, DAM administrators and others who aren’t beholden to a DAM provider.

Widen has a great Customer Referral Program!

We want to thank our customers for working with us and helping our service improve year after year. What better way to say thanks than by rewarding you? If you know of a business that could benefit from Widen’s services, tell us about it and earn financial rewards.

You can earn significant financial rewards – for yourself AND your organization – when your referral becomes a Widen customer, including annual subscription discounts for you and your referral, money in your pocket or donation to a charity of your choosing.

You can also help us spread the word in the following ways:

WRITE A REVIEW: Share your Widen customer experience through a Capterra Review or a G2 Crowd Review.

Who are you referring to Widen?

Widen Customer Referral Program Guidelines:

  • You don’t need to be a current Widen customer to participate.
  • Referred individuals should have influence over digital asset management decisions, or have direct access to the decision-maker.
  • Your referral should be expecting our call and have an active need for DAM.
  • Your referral’s contact information must be for a business. No personal contact information will be accepted.
  • Gift cards will be sent to the email address provided after qualification of referral.
  • If you are currently a Widen customer, and your referral also becomes a Widen customer, you will qualify for significant financial rewards – both for yourself and your organization.

Still have questions?

Contact advisors@widen.com or call us at 800-444-2828.