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(Rick Marquez)

“Widen’s data asset management is a great system that I’m able to customize to fit seamlessly into my own image processing workflow!“

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(Valerie DeCleene, Marketing Communications)

“Widen’s support team is phenomenal. They consistently have fast and thorough responses for anything I ask about. Widen is very intuitive even for an admin like myself who took on auditing and overhauling our asset organization structure. We have been working with Widen for 7 years and I highly recommend them.“

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(Digital Studio Manager, Corinthian Colleges, Inc.)

“With four divisions, over 15,000 employees and 122 campuses, my priority was to find a way to provide quick and easy access to digital assets and customized marketing materials. Thanks to Widen, we will be saving multiple departments valuable time and resources. Finding the right DAM solution was no small task and Widen is a great partner to help us get up and running.“

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(Sean Davies, Marketing Technologist)

“Widen’s team is always looking for the next best feature to add – whether with video, collaboration, or analytics. They are great people to work with and their product is representative of that.“

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(Jessica Cavalier, Sr Marketing Manager)

“Widen’s DAM is a great asset for any organization that needs a method for easy sharing of assets for internal and external users. Extremely cost and effective and intuitive, I would confidently recommend this tool for other organizations.“

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(Vicki Wanserski, Graphic Designer)

“The Widen experience has really made my workflow so much easier in terms of locating old files from previous employees. It also make sharing files with vendors so much easier than the old days of writing CDs or figuring out their FTP protocols. What a time waster those processes were! WIDEN is a lifesaver.“

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(Public Affairs Office Manager, Wildlife Conservation Society)

“Widen has helped the Wildlife Conservation Society organize our large wildlife photography collection for both archival and distribution purposes. Upload and distribution is seamless and worry free.“

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(Matt Lange, Designer, Atlanta Falcons)

“The Widen asset management system has been a blessing for us at the Falcons. I can’t imagine working without
it, at this point.“

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(MaryAnn Williams, Digital Asset Manager)

“Widen is a great company – the support is fantastic and they’ve been so easy to work with. The DAM has great search capability and setting up asset security is both flexible and easily managed by the global admin. Widen continues to push out new developments, which is great.“

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(Talia Judy, Visual Marketing Manager)

“Widen’s DAM is an amazing asset for any organization that needs a method for easy sharing of digital assets for internal and external users. It is very cost effective, easy to use and very intuitive. I would definitely recommend this tool for any organization that have these needs. Widen customer service and project managers are so easy to work with and try everything possible to help you make the setup process as easy as possible!“