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Powering your marketing content has never been easier

The Widen Collective makes it easy for marketing teams to get brand assets out of silos, keep them organized,
and share them in more targeted ways. Once your assets are out in the world, our Insights app shows how well  
content is performing by tracking and reporting shares, downloads, views, embeds and more.

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Customer Satisfaction

Our customers truly are number one, so we make their satisfaction a priority. For five years in a row,
we’ve consistently met or exceeded our customer’s service and product expectations.

98% of our customers would recommend Widen to others. 
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  • Medical Devices
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Kelley School of Business

“The Widen experience is having a team outside of your own team who is rooting for you and trying to make your system and your office and your product better.”

- Kelsey Bawel, Kelley School of Business

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Core DAM

Use a DAM system for the core image management needs of every organization – organizing, finding, sharing,
publishing and analyzing your marketing and creative content.

Beyond the library

Go beyond a basic media library with your DAM system by publishing assets online – across websites, email marketing, social media and more – and bring a more comprehensive, campaign approach to your marketing and messaging.

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