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This was our first experience implementing a DAM. Widen was extremely helpful in setting up our new Digital Media Library and have offered us outstanding support and training opportunities.

- Susan Geiselman, Digital Asset Coordinator and Company Historian, Red Gold

Customer Testimonials

“They offer great training, enabling me to increase learning opportunities and provide better service to clients.”

- Yankee Candle

Life Fitness

“The Collective is amazing and the team at Widen is doing an outstanding job supporting us.”

- Roche


65 years of creative workflow experience

Sub-Zero Wolf

“Incredibly intuitive, flexible and cost-effective, the solution was clear from the start — Widen.”

- Electrolux Home Care Products


155,000 users worldwide

Yankee Candle

More than 225 brands

“Thanks to Widen, we will be saving multiple departments valuable time and resources.”

- Corinthian Colleges, Inc.

St Mary's