Connecting Widen Media Collective with the API

Connect the data within DAM across your technology to automate and streamline workflows.

Explore the API documentation

Create one Internet Experience for your brand.

Leverage Media Collective’s REST API

It’s possible to connect assets, metadata, embed codes, and previews across tools. Our customers have built connectors to match their workflows with these applications: WordPress, Sitecore, Salesforce, Magento, Hybris, ATG, Umbraco, and many more. Let your developers explore our API documentation.

Benefits Include:

  • Extend the value of your assets from creation through distribution
  • Improve control and visibility of your assets
  • Connect assets to other customer experience technologies
  • Enter metadata once and repurpose to other systems and apps
  • Rest assured your assets are always current
  • Know exactly where your assets are used with advanced analytics

Are you looking for a simple digital asset library you can integrate into your tools?

Media Collective is our enterprise-class digital asset management solution, but you may just be looking for something smaller-scale. Try our DAM lite product, Smartimage, which also has an API.