DAM increases efficiency across all channels of communication.

The need for digital asset management continues to rise. For organizations looking at ways to streamline costs and maximize growth, DAM is an important solution.

The uses of DAM are driven by need for access and increasing amounts and types of digital media. Because of this, digital asset management software is used across several major industries.

“Widen’s DAM is an amazing asset for any organization that needs a method for easy sharing of digital assets – for internal and external users.”
– VF Imagewear

Widen Media Collective on Desktop and iPad

What is DAM?What’s hot in DAM?

Uses by Media Type

Uses by Role

Uses by Industry

  • Agencies – Empowering Marketing, Advertising, Creative and Design
  • Manufacturing – Connecting Many Assets With Many People Who Need Them
  • Retail – Bringing Together Assets from Everywhere for Multichannel Promotions
  • Media & Entertainment – Housing Assets & Protecting Rights
  • Print & Publishing – Streamlining Production Operations
  • Sports – Connecting With Press & Revenue Opportunities
  • Education – Getting All Departments On Track at Colleges & Universities
  • Healthcare – Providing Safety of Brand Assets & Compliance
  • Non-Profit – Maximizing Marketing Resources On A Budget
  • Hospitality & Food Service – Encouraging Global Brand Consistency