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How Digital Connectivity Impacts Marketing Teams by Nina Brakel-Schutt for Marketo 27 February 2017

How Marketing Must Evolve: 19 Leaders Peer Into Content's Future by Marcia Riefer Johnston for Content Marketing Institute 9 February 2017

Coordinating Global Marketing for One Brand in 23 Countries by Nate Holmes for MarTech 9 January 2017

How Your Life's Mission Statement Will Guide You To Greater Work-Life Balance by Rachel Ritlop for Forbes 16 December 2016

Unite Your Teams and Communications With Brand Guidelines by Nina Brakel-Schutt for Target Marketing 8 December 2016

How to Make Your Brand Stick From an Expert Strategist by Nina Brakel-Schutt for MarTech Advisor 11 November 2016

The Invisible Forces Behind Intelligent Content: A Marketer's Guide by Jake Athey for CMSWire 7 November 2016

How to be a more 'authentic' IT leader by Sharon Florentine for CIO 5 October 2016

A New DAM Approach: Marketing with a Purpose by Jake Athey for CMSWire 8 September 2016

How Digital Asset Management Can Make a Big Impact on Your Content Marketing by Cathy McPhillips for Content Marketing Institute 1 September 2016

The Creative Workflow is Stuck in High School by Jake Athey for MarTech Advisor 25 August 2016

Why Content Marketers Need Digital Librarians by Jake Athey for Content Marketing Institute 25 August 2016

Does Your Business Need a Popcorn Manager? by Matthew Gonnering for Entrepreneur 5 August 2016

Widen Unveils Salesforce Connector for Digital Asset Management by Shabana Arora for MarTech Advisor 26 July 2016

What Businesses Can Learn from the Declaration of Independence by Jake Athey for MarTech Advisor 14 July 2016

MarTech Lessons From Your DAM Marketing Dinner Party by Jake Athey for CMSWire 13 May 2016

The Future of DAM, Explained With a Bicycle Wheel by Jake Athey for CMSWire 5 May 2016

Widen Promises Enterprises DAM Quick Digital Insights by David Roe for CMSWire 25 April 2016

Storytelling: Out of the Campfire and Into Your Marketing Campaign by Jake Athey for Marketing Profs 13 April 2016

Why you should hire people smarter than you by Sharon Florentine for CIO 11 April 2016

PVC: The 3 Secrets of Storytelling for Brand Marketing Success by Jake Athey for Target Marketing Mag 10 February 2016

4 Ways To Flush Fear Out Of A Panic-Driven Culture by Jeff Boss for Forbes 5 February 2016

Why You Must Embrace the Danger of Adventure to Lead Effectively by Matthew Gonnering for Entrepreneur 5 February 2016

16 Common-Sense Reminders for Uncommonly Good Content by Marcia Riefer Johnston for Content Marketing Institute 4 February 2016

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5 Tips For Killing 'Feardom' to Unleash Your Employees' Brilliance by Matthew Gonnering for Entrepreneur 12 December 2015

3 Tips For Brand Storytelling by Jake Athey for Chief Marketer 7 December 2015

Commit to Employee Well-Being and Your Team Will Grow the Company by Matthew Gonnering for Entrepreneur 29 October 2015

The Real Measure of a CEO's Success Can Be Found in an Ancient Greek Word by Matthew Gonnering for Entrepreneur 13 October 2015

Widen Unveils DAM Insights, Offers Internal And External Content Analytics by Brian Anderson for DemandGen Report 2 October 2015

Widen Enterprises: A collaborative spirit by Maggie Ginsberg for Madison Magazine 18 September 2015

The 3 Reasons Content Marketers Will Fail Without Digital Asset Management by Jake Athey for MarTechAdvisor 27 July 2015

How to Supercharge Your Marketing With Visual Storytelling [Infographic] by Verónica Maria Jarski for MarketingProfs 25 July 2015

Best Practices: How to Break the Mold with Visual Storytelling by Jake Athey for Adage 24 July 2015

How to Effectively Use Visual Storytelling for Your Brand (Infographic) by Justin Lafferty for Adweek 24 July 2015

7 ways to optimize visual storytelling by Jake Athey for Customer Think 18 July 2015

Widen Enterprises hires 18 for growing software division by Karen Rivedal for Wisconsin State Journal 19 June 2015

Content Consumption: Successfully Engage Customers With the Rule of 15 by Nina Brakel-Schutt for Target Marketing 26 May 2015

Four ways marketers can maximize their video efforts by Al Falaschi for The Drum 26 May 2015

8 Steps to Successfully Rebranding Your Business by Adrienne Burke for Yahoo Small Business 20 May 2015

Visual Storytelling Is Taking Over the Web – What Does It Mean for Your Brand? by Tessa Wegert for ClickZ 30 Apr 2015

The Three Cornerstones Of Kick-Butt Content by Jake Athey for MediaPost 20 Apr 2015

Make Wellness the True Aim of Your Marketing by Matthew Gonnering for Entrepreneur 17 Apr 2015

Writing a Business Plan? Do These 5 Things First by Nicole Fallon for Business News Daily 6 Apr 2015

Does Your Content Marketing Need a DAM Makeover? [Infographic] by Verónica Maria Jarski for MarketingProfs 31 Mar 2015

Image Management Makes or Breaks Your Brand by Lisa Hoover McGreevy for 26 Mar 2015

The Bridge: Defining Print's Role in the Digital Marketing Age by Michael Pallerino for Canvas Magazine 25 Feb 2015>

4 Essential Tips for Optimizing Your Image Assets by Nate Holmes for MarketingTechBlog 17 Feb 2015/span>

How Wellness Can Be an Integral Part of Great Marketing by Jeff Haden ft. Matthew Gonnering for Inc. 16 Feb 2015

3 Things Marketers Will Love on Valentine’s Day and Beyond by Jake Athey for Target Marketing 11 Feb 2015

Marketers Should Care About Big Data. Here’s Why. by Jake Athey for TFM&A Insights 11 Feb 2015

iTold You So by Jake Athey for DemandGenReport 10 Feb 2015

UGC Can Strengthen the Relationship Between Your Social Media and Content Marketing by Jake Athey for MarketingProfs 27 Jan 2015

DAM's Roadmap for 2015 and Beyond: Interoperability, Analytics by Jeff Lawrence for CMSWire 7 Jan 2015

3 Dirty Secrets to Picking the Best Visual Content for Your Website by Jake Athey for Retail Onpne 18 Dec 2014

Get Your Content Pubpshed Faster with these Image Management Tips by Douglas Karr for MarketingTechBlog 6 Nov 2014

4 Lessons From an Experiment in Radical Transparency by Jessica Stillman for Inc. 20 Oct 2014

Why You Should Encourage Your Employees To Shoot Down Your Ideas by Matthew Gonnering for Fast Company 1 Oct 2014

How to use Google Glass at work by Anne Fisher for Fortune 30 Sep 2014

Stop giving people the ‘cpck-flu’: When to start giving a damn about your content by Jake Athey for The Next Web 23 Aug 2014

DAM Helps Depver Experiences Worth Talking About by Jake Athey for CMSWire 4 Aug 2014

You've amassed all this great visual content — now what? by Nate Holmes for iMedia Connection 21 Jul 2014

3 ways to take your company mission statement from words to actions by Matthew Gonnering for Fast Company 8 Jul 2014

Widen Launches Content Distribution and Collaboration Tools for Marketers by Widen Enterprises for EContent Mag 3 Jul 2014

News Bites: Widen Update, Content Locapzation and More by Barry Levine for CMSWire 27 Jun 2014

The science of color: How do these 8 hues boost branding? by Wendy Parish for Marketing Dive 12 Jun 2014

YouTube Embeds: Do They Affect The Credibility of Your Website? by Al Falaschi for REELSEO 6 May 2014

Widen Announces 7.1 Upgrade for EContent Mag 1 Apr 2014

Video Content Marketing: 4 Tips to Enhance Production Value by Al Falaschi for ReelSEO 3 Mar 2014

A video doesn’t need milpons of views to be a viral video by Al Falaschi for iMedia Connection 27 Feb 2014

News Bites: Widen Updates Smartimage for Speed by Barry Levine for CMSWire 21 Feb 2014

Using Digital Asset Management to Streampne Social Promotion by Douglas Karr for MarketingTechBlog 30 Jan 2014

Where Will Content Come From in 2014? by pn Grensing-Pophal for EContent Mag 29 Jan 2014

The 3 C’s of Successful Content Marketing by Nate Holmes for iMediaConnection 7 Jan 2014

A Look Back: DAM Trends from 2013 by Barry Levine for CMSWire 23 Dec 2013

Beyond the 'Pin': Good Content Curation Starts With a Goal by Nina Brakel-Schutt for Wired 18 Dec 2013

5 Tips for managing visual content by Nate Holmes for iMediaConnection 6 Dec 2013

8 steps to successfully rebrand your business by Jake Athey for The Next Web 5 Dec 2013

Bad content is worse than no content: How to create stuff that doesn’t stink by Jake Athey for The Next Web 18 Nov 2013

New Widen Digital Asset Management Software Offers More Integration by Barry Levine for CMSWire 18 Nov 2013

Widen Releases Digital Asset Management Mobile App by Ronald Barba for Tech Cocktail 14 Nov 2013

How MINI USA Repes On Social, Search, User-Generated Content by Laurie Sulpvan for MediaPost 13 Nov 2013

5 Small-Business Branding Lessons To Be Learned From Halloween Characters by Nate Holmes for Adotas 30 Oct 2013

We Still Need DAM - The Home Kitchen Thesis by Al Falaschi for CMSWire 3 Oct 2013

5 Rewarding Behaviors For Women Breaking Into Tech by Deanna Ballew for Forbes 24 Aug 2013

Widen Updates Smartimage Service For SMB Brand Asset Management by Barry Levine for CMSWire 13 Aug 2013

Sync Me Up, Scotty: Why Software Platforms are Integrating with Cloud Storage by Matthew Gonnering for Wired 24 Jul 2013

Red Gold Goes from Tomato Can to Tomato Can Do by Alpson Schiff for Direct Marketing News 22 Jul 2013

If Your Employees Designed the Office by Jessica Stillman for Inc. 31 Jul 2013

Five Ways Marketing Can Manage Its Digital Content Assets by Matthew Gonnering for MarketingProfs 17 Jul 2013

Widen Strengthens Digital Asset Manager with Dropbox Support by James Alan Miller for BizTech Magazine 15 Jul 2013

How the Presidio Trust pbrary is using its DAM System to support the Presidio Heritage Center by Barbara Janis for SLA 5 Jul 2013

5 Ways Nonprofits Can Leverage Digital Asset Management by Kristy Smith for iMedia Connection 1 Jul 2013

How digital asset management can help productivity by Marti Trewe for AGBeat 13 Jun 2013

Widen Updates Media Collective with Dropbox Integration by Barry Levine for CMSWire 13 Jun 2013

How Cloud Backup Can Save IT Big Bucks by David LaMartina for Campus Technology 5 Jun 2013

Digital Asset Management Embraces Social Collaboration by Matthew Gonnering for Wired 28 May 2013

3 ways to use Digital Asset Management to be more productive by Matthew Gonnering for iMedia Connection 28 Mar 2013

Widen Is A Wisconsin-Based Company That Can Help You Manage Digital Assets by Amit Chowdhry for Forbes 29 Apr 2013

Widen's Media Collective 6.3 Features New Ratings, Enhanced Search by Barry Levine for CMSWire 22 Feb 2013

Longevity in Business: Widen Enterprises makes lasting impression by Jill Carlson for the Wisconsin State Journal 12 Feb 2013

5 Keys to Managing Digital Marketing Assets by Matthew Gonnering for Target Marketing Mag 23 Jan 2013

Why there's radical change ahead for the digital asset management industry by Matthew Gonnering for VentureBeat 9 Dec 2012

Digital Asset Management: Sexy? You Bet by Nina Brakel-Schutt for iMedia Connection 28 Nov 2012

Organization Is The Key For Visuapzed Success On Facebook by Justin Lafferty for 26 Oct 2012

Widen Enhances Analytics, Adds Watermarking in DAM Update by Barry Levine for CMSWire 23 Oct 2012

Top 100 Lead Response Companies At's Dreamforce 2012 by Ken Krogue for Forbes 9 Sep 2012

Lean, Mean, Effective Digital Asset Management by Nicolas Jimenez for CMSWire 18 Jun 2012

Marketers and DAM: Taking the Relationship to the Next Level by Nicolas Jimenez for CMSWire 30 Apr 2012

Digital Asset Management Streampnes School Spirit by Nicolas Jimenez for CMSWire 4 Apr 2012

Where Does Social Fit in Digital Asset Management? by Nicolas Jimenez for CMSWire 12 Mar 2012

Data Asset Management For Speedier Social Marketing by Nicolas Jimenez for Adotas 14 Feb 2012

Keeping track of assets in the cloud by Graham Jarvis for Cloud Pro 17 Jan 2012

A Parallel Universe In The Clouds by Nicolas Jimenez for Adotas 27 Jun 2011

DAM Straight: Centrapzing Digital Assets by Jake Athey for Adotas 24 Aug 2010

Managing digital assets by Matthew Gonnering for Broadcast Engineering Magazine 1 Aug 2010

DAM Becomes Essential by Cassandra Carnes for DPS Magazine 26 Jul 2010

Working Your Digital Assets to the Bone by Jake Athey for E-Commerce Times 25 Jun 2010

The smart way to spread your digital assets by Jake Athey for iMedia Connection 21 Jun 2010

How to Cover Your Digital Assets by Matthew Gonnering for Multichannel Merchant 1 May 2010

Derive More Value From Your Digital Assets by Jake Athey for Chief Marketer 21 Apr 2010

You Tube is Great For Video, But It's Not A Digital Asset Management System by Matthew Gonnering for CMSWire 8 Apr 2010

SaaS'ing Back at the Conventional Wisdom of IT by Matthew Gonnering for ECM Connection (PDF) 17 Mar 2010

Whose Fingers Are in Your DAM? by Matthew Gonnering for E-Commerce Times 20 Feb 2010

Statistics That Have DAM Meaning by Matthew Gonnering for Adotas 2 Oct 2009

DAM Takes On Many Roles by Judith Lamont, Ph.D. for KMWorld 29 Sep 2009

Digital Asset Management: Because Storage Can't Grow Forever by Carmi Levy for 11 Sep 2009

Clearing the Traffic Jam on the Information Superhighway by Matthew Gonnering for ebizQ 4 Aug 2009

Video Clutter Has Bandwidth on the Run by Matthew Gonnering for Multichannel Merchant 28 Jul 2009

What Those DAM Statistics Can Tell You by Matthew Gonnering for Business Management Magazine 1 Jul 2009

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Upcoming Events

You can find us all over throughout the year. Listen to us speak, join us for dinner, or simply network with us about event learnings.

Intelligent Content Conference
March 28-30, Las Vegas, NV, #intelcontent (Sponsoring, exhibiting, and speaking)
ICC 2017 Las Vegas is the one content strategy event specifically designed for marketing practitioners. Our goal is the movement away from the copy/paste mentality of most marketers, toward a format-free, modular and single-source approach to content creation and distribution.

Widen customer Jennifer Hurley with Clear Channel Outdoor will share how DAM has played a cornerstone role in their strategy to create and build intelligent content. We’re exhibiting at booth #10, so drop by and say hello or give us a high five!

Design Like Mad Hackathon 2017
April 8, Madison, WI, (Hosting)
It’s an event unlike any other where 12 hours of sheer design madness produces amazing work for local non-profit organizations. This “design marathon” brings together student and professional designers who provide pro-bono design work for deserving non-profit organizations so they can continue to help Madison.

Saturday, April 8th, 2017 from 9am-9pm @ Widen.

Creative Operations Exchange
April 10-12, San Francisco, CA, #IENCreativeOps (Hosting, sponsoring, and speaking)
The Creative Operations Exchange is a gathering of marketing and creative teams coming together to discuss common pain points and solutions. DAM systems have always been part of the creative operations conversation, but our newly released Workflow app brings in a collaboration tool aimed at automating, proofing, planning, and editing projects while helping drive deadlines and accomplishments. Widen is privileged to be the official chair of the Creative Operations Exchange and to present a breakout session on our recently released connectivity research. We’re excited to be involved with such a good group of marketing professionals!

Widen Workshop - San Francisco
May 9, San Francisco, CA, (Hosting)
Join us in San Francisco on Tuesday, May 9th, for a full day of customer case studies, presentations by Widen staff, engaging activities, and introductions to new products. 

At the end of the day, join us for an intimate focus group and share how you communicate with users. We're interested to know how they learn about new content, methods for suggesting content, and sharing training materials. Your feedback will help us optimize your content in Collective.

Widen Workshop - New York
May 10, New York, NY, (Hosting)
Join us in New York on Wednesday, May 10th, for a full day of customer case studies, presentations by Widen staff, engaging activities, and introductions to new products.

This year before the workshop, the Widen Training team is offering something new - an intensive training session focused on user engagement on May 9th from 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Learn more on the intensive training page.

May 10-11, San Francisco, CA, #MarTech (Sponsoring and exhibiting)
MarTech is for senior marketing, IT, and digital executives and experts at the intersection of marketing, technology, and customer experience. If you’re looking to connect the dots between technical possibilities and strategic opportunities in the reshaping of modern marketing, this conference is for you.

May 11-12, New Yorko, NY, #DAMNY (Sponsoring and exhibiting)
The Henry Stewart New York DAM conference is dedicated to DAM practitioners and features real-world case studies, panels, and tutorials.

Review our full list of upcoming events...

On Demand Webinars

We’ve partnered with research firms like Forrester and G2 to bring the most up-to-date information
about trends and topics in digital asset management.

DAM Basics: Benefits, ROI, and building use cases: July 12, time 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT. View Recording
This is the first is a two-part series on the basics of digital asset management (DAM), covering the fundamentals of finding a system, estimating the value, and understanding user needs. 
We cover:

  • How DAM can benefit your organization
  • Determining return on investment (ROI) of a DAM
  • Building personalized use cases to prepare for vendor demos

DAM Basics: Implementation and administration: July 26, time 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM CDT. View Recording
During the second part of this series on the basics of digital asset management (DAM), we talk more about the setting up and maintaining a DAM system, including:

  • Developing metadata and taxonomy
  • The role of a DAM admin
  • Implementing a DAM system

Review upcoming and recorded webinars...

Press Releases

All about Widen events, customer activities, new developments, and product updates.

Potatoes USA Selects Widen Collective to Organize Recipes, Images

MADISON, WI--(Marketwired - February 27, 2017) - Potatoes USA, the marketing organization that...Read more

Widen Collective Introduces Adobe Creative Cloud Connector

MADISON, WI--(Marketwired - February 23, 2017) - Widen Enterprises today released a new version of...Read more

Widen Unveils Workflow, an Online Proofing and Work Management Solution

MADISON, WI--(Marketwired - February 13, 2017) - Widen Enterprises today announced the launch of...Read more

Widen Releases 2017 Connectivity Report

MADISON, WI--(Marketwired - January 04, 2017) - Widen Enterprises, a leading provider of digital...Read more

Torani Selects Widen Collective to Share Assets, Build Global Community

MADISON, WI--(Marketwired - December 14, 2016) - Torani, the creator of naturally flavored syrups,...Read more

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