Widen and ConceptShare have teamed up to bring you greater creative review and collaboration capabilities

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How do Widen DAM and ConceptShare work together? Download the PDF and see

Widen and ConceptShare Integration Workflow

What to know

  • Widen has a full integration with ConceptShare
  • Customers can take full advantage of both tools
  • Widen customers get a special rate on ConceptShare user licenses

What is ConceptShare?

ConceptShare is a Creative Operations Management (COM) platform that allows marketing and creative services teams to route, review, collaborate on and approve creative work; images, documents, web pages, audio assets, interactive assets and video assets. Widen has integrated Media Collective with ConceptShare to offer this robust toolset to all Widen customers.

How it works

You can send any asset to ConceptShare from Widen Media Collective. That places the asset in a ConceptShare upload queue.

Once you and your team have completed the review process and updated the asset’s status to reflect that, Widen will pull it right back to Media Collective.

The ConceptShare integration provides a robust review and approval workflow, however the core Widen Collective application also includes asset commenting on the asset details page. Widen is adding to the comments feature in the fall 2013 release to include more administration, permissioning and sharing capabilities to accommodate lightweight collaborative workflows.

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