Curate a set of assets that support your marketing stories

Engage audiences with a personalized, branded space

Portals give you the ability to showcase your assets and share your brand with different audiences in an easy and frictionless way. Choose from a variety of portal types to distribute resources, display video channels, collaborate with your team, curate collections, or deliver approved brand assets.

  • Standard Portals
  • Brand Portals (coming soon)
  • Distributor Portals (coming soon)
  • Video Portals (coming soon)
  • Collaborative Portals (coming soon)
Portals creation, editing, and final

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Find more time to get work done without the distraction of asset requests. Just keep your portal pages up-to-date and
your stakeholders can get what they need, on-demand.

  • Brand and display multiple collections in a single portal
  • Curate a subset of assets to be shared with external teams
  • Translation support – dynamic text can be translated to static text in six languages, including: French, Spanish, Italian, Romanian, Portuguese, and German
  • No login is necessary to access portals, secure behind an access code or login if needed
  • Insert content galleries into other web pages

Bank of the West - BNP Paribas Group

"We plan on sharing the portal with our ad agencies and internal clients that don’t have access to our DAM so they can easily download our logos, retrieve color values for PowerPoint decks, and view brand guidelines as well."

- Bank of the West

Do-it-yourself and make it your own

Built-in templates help you design portal pages any way you want. Easily collect content and deliver a personalized, branded experience to your audiences.

  • Customize and showcase your brand with options to add
    text, brand colors, hero images, and banners
  • Invite others on your team to edit and modify your portal
    for shared administration
  • Self-serve content to specific audiences
  • Set expiration dates to ensure access is limited per
    usage needs
  • Embed portals into existing websites where traffic
    already exists
Standard portals
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