Get the most out of your DAM software investment (ROI).

When calculating the ROI on DAM, you might start by asking, “What will a digital asset management system cost?” Really, the better question is, “What is it costing us to NOT have a DAM system?”

Every organization is different, but the one thing they all have in common is their workflows aren’t free. It might not seem like it, but changing the status quo – redundancies, unnecessary storage costs, hardware, search time – often costs more than the right DAM software. See what we’ve learned, below, from years of determining real, useful DAM ROI figures.

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“In time-savings alone, Widen has an ROI well above its cost. And, customer support is phenomenal.”
– Knaack, LLC

DAM and The Bottom Line

There are four key reasons DAM software implementation makes sense for your bottom line:

  • It streamlines processes
  • It reduces costs
  • It speeds time-to-market
  • It helps ensure brand consistency

Streamline processes – Without the right system in place, things like version control and responding to asset requests become slow, clumsy tasks. With the Widen Media Collective, you and others in your organization can focus your energies on more productive tasks than futile searches and unnecessary uploading.

Reduce costs – It’s an old cliche, but it’s especially true of digital asset management — time is money. With the Widen Media Collective on your side, you’ll be able to repurpose time and reduce your spend on IT, software upgrades, maintenance and hardware. Toss your CDs; you won’t be needing them.

Speed up time-to-market – The sooner you get things done on the DAM side, the sooner your assets are out there being put to use by your sales force, marketing partners and others. Your assets drive in revenue. Why slow that down?

Ensure brand consistency – There’s a reason we don’t call it “digital asset sharing” or “digital asset delivery.” Managing your brand assets is as much about protecting your image as it is about putting it out there. DAM software is a mechanism for safeguarding your assets and making sure only the latest, most accurate stuff gets out. Understanding the benefits of DAM software is crucial to understanding whether it’s for you.

Between the hard-dollar and soft-dollar costs that come with managing assets, it’s easy to see why DAM software is an important business solution. But remember, you’ll only get a return on your DAM investment if you get user adoption, so make sure that everything from the UI to the feature set feels comfortable to your teams.

Jim Scarlata, Director of Marketing Operations at Knaack, LLC