Spend less time looking for assets
and more time designing

Search for images in your DAM system while working in Wordpress

Accessing and publishing assets in Wordpress just got easier

You never need to leave Wordpress again to access your images. Our Wordpress plugin allows web designers and creatives to easily search for assets in the Widen Collective directly from WordPress and quickly place them in their website or blog pages.

  • Published assets using embed codes in Wordpress automatically update when versions update in the Widen Collective
  • Transfer your assets into the Wordpress media library or publish assets directly to your pages and posts using embed codes to maintain a single source
  • Use dynamic resizing in the Widen Collective to reduce steps adjusting image size
Wordpress plugin and Widen Media Collective integration example

The Wordpress plugin advantage

Web designers and creatives can work more efficiently and increase productivity.

  • Save time switching between two applications
  • Spend more time working and less time uploading and downloading images
  • Leverage the Insights app in the Widen Collective to track asset usage when you use embed codes

DAM powers your digital ecosystem and activates your content

A DAM solution isn’t just a place to manage your images, videos, and creative files. It’s a central part of your digital ecosystem.
Plugins with CMS platforms like Wordpress, help leverage and activate your content across the systems you use everyday.

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