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No matter what your role, our cloud-based DAM solution makes it
easy to find, share, publish and analyze your visual content

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Good for business, great for marketers and creatives

From marketers and creatives to software architects and IT managers, the Widen Collective has something for everyone.

  • Branded site with custom url
  • Batch uploading and editing
  • Unlimited metadata fields
  • Release and expire assets


Cloud-based DAM User American Wildlife Foundation

“We’ve got guys everywhere. With a cloud-based system like
the Widen Collective, we can get onto it from any location and
deliver files all over the world daily.”

- Grant Wheeler, Photographer

Cloud-based DAM for Graphic Design

Graphic/Web Designer

Needs to store, share, and repurpose the brand assets they create as part of a project.

  • Version control
  • On-the-fly file format conversions
  • Asset release and expiration for rights-management
  • Branded portals for external users
  • Asset analytics to leverage most engaging  brand assets
  • Release dates and approvals
  • Color space conversion control
  • Extend asset usage via share links, embed codes, and social publishing

Public Relations & the DAM Marketing Hub

Public Relations

Needs quick access to share executive profiles, brand images and logos with the media.

  • House the client’s brand story
  • Access the client’s brand assets and share with the media
  • Access and share speaker photos and bios
  • Easily and quickly distribute materials about the client’s products and services

Digital Marketing & the Content Marketing Platform

Digital Marketer

Needs to ensure brand assets are readily available and to organize, share and analyze content created from those assets.

  • Easily share visual content with teams, partners and vendors

  • Achieve brand consistency across all channels

  • Create and configure any number of metadata fields
  • Accelerate project approval process

  • Control access to content via user roles and permissions
Use asset analytics to guide future marketing campaigns

Cloud-based DAM User Carnival

“We can control who can access which files and ensure that only finalized videos are used in our marketing campaigns."

- Erika Bertsch, Advertising Producer

Photo Editing & Cloud-based DAM


Needs to store and share collections of photos, easily tag images with metadata, and collaborate on edits and selections.

  • Batch uploading and editing

  • Faceted search to easily narrow photos
Extract metadata from sources like IPTC, XMP, or EXIF
  • Configurable metadata fields
  • Attach documents like scripts, talent release, rights management, and work for hire

  • Asset release and expiration for rights-management
Transcoding on-the-fly

  • Shared collections for easy photo distribution, selection and download

Digital Asset Management Software IT Security


Needs to make sure the company’s visual content is secure at all times.

  • No additional hardware or software needed

  • Upgrades, support, and training provided directly to end users by Widen
  • Global access via web application with cross-browser support and 99.9% uptime

  • Redundant, reliable, and scalable data storage with 99.999999999% durability

DAM Content Marketing Platform & Creative Services

Creative Services

Needs to set review and approval workflows and enable collaboration across many teams.

  • Control access to content via user roles and permissions

  • Centralize all team assets in one location
  • Long-term archive asset storage
  • Asset release and expiration for rights-management
Attach documents like scripts, talent release, rights management, and work for hire

  • Analytics to show engagement and extensibility of assets

Digital Asset Management Software User Coty

“The ability to set expiration dates with our contract usage rights
is extremely helpful. An automated email notification goes to anyone
who downloaded an expiring image, alerting them to stop use.”


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