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Marketing and creative professionals spend hours, weeks, and even months creating great content, but what happens next? Once a piece is ready, it’s published, and then it’s time to move on to the next project. Sound familiar?

Without a workflow in place, promising pieces of content such as videos, blogs, and animations, are often lost in a dark maze of folders, located either on desktops or in storage tools. Instead of building on what’s already been done and repurposing content, teams are constantly starting from scratch, wasting time, money, and sanity.

Learn how you can extend the value of your content with tips from Widen's Head of Global Content Strategy, Courtney Roe, and Niklas Rademacher, Director Group Marketing at NKT Group. See how large enterprise companies like NKT Group and Hootsuite are using digital asset management (DAM) technology to take charge of their brand and content across its lifecycle and around the world.

Topics will include:

  • Extending the content lifecycle
    Tips for how to repurpose content to maximize its value instead of reinventing the wheel
  • The importance of content analytics
    Gain insight into what content is being used, where it’s being used, and how
  • DAM vs. cloud storage tools
    See how relying on basic storage tools like Dropbox, Box, and SharePoint alone can limit long-term scalability 
  • Improving remote working 
    Sharing content across multiple departments, office locations, and dispersed teams
  • Creating a scalable workflow within your technology ecosystem
    Learn how teams can take control of their content at every step, from concept to creation, distribution, storage, and archival

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