Joe Carmon with Vision Service Plan

Joe Carmon

Sr. Creative Specialist

Vision Service Plan


Number of years as a customer: 1+
Number of assets: 22,509
Number of users: 65

Products used:  

  • Assets
  • Insights
  • Portals

Admin specialties

  • Metadata Types/Fields
  • Implementation champion
  • Business Strategy using DAM


  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Creative software (Adobe Creative Cloud, Digimarc)
  • Project Management (Widen Workflow, InMotion, Workfront)

Departments using the Widen Collective:

  • Enterprise-wide Brand Portals
  • In-house Creative

Global DAM locations:

  • North America

Quote to live by:

Hah! My father's sage advice, "People are no DAM good." (He spelled it a bit differently...)

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