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Mariela Abreu with Masonite

Mariela Abreu

Digital Content Specialist

Masonite Corporation

Mariela Abreu headshot


Number of years as a customer: 5+
Number of assets: 47,737
Number of users: 2,457

Products used:  

  • Assets
  • Insights
  • Portals

Admin specialties

  • User engagement strategy (anything from newsletters to site messages to training your users)
  • Metadata Types/Fields
  • Integrations/DAM Marketing Technology
  • Portals 


  • Wordpress

Departments using the Widen Collective:

  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Creative
  • Digital

Global DAM locations:

  • North America

Get in touch with Mariela by email mabreu@masonite.com or LinkedIn