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The DAM Data Report of 2017

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Admins spend a lot of time in the Widen Collective®. Whether they’re auditing the system, doing some clean up, adding metadata, or sharing a collection with a colleague, we know they take pride in a well-oiled digital asset management machine. But have you ever wondered what all that DAM work adds up to?

To really see the impact, we set out to see how Widen admins and users connected their content in 2017. We looked at Collective users across continents to find out how they’re using assets, connecting systems, and repurposing content. Let’s dive into the numbers.

How many users are leveraging Widen and where in the world are they accessing assets?

Widen customers are supporting over 350,000 users for their content needs. That means that the average number of users per customer is about 600. The majority of these users are in North America, but as you can see, there are users around the world!


Together, we’re creating more global connections.

How are assets being used?

Widen users are most commonly using assets for websites, ads, and sales collateral in order to connect and distribute their content. You might notice that these percentages don’t add up to 100%. That’s because 54% of assets were used for “other” needs, which reminds us of the importance of tracking what assets are used for. Tracking usage of assets helps site owners and admins make informed decisions around content so it can be leveraged more effectively.


What asset types are used most?

Related to what assets are being used for is what types of assets are being used the most. Images are engaged with a lot — no surprise there — but other commonly used asset types are documents, creative, and audio or visual files.


How are assets being repurposed?

Collectively, Widen customers are managing over 42 million assets – which means each customer is managing about 70,000 assets on average. So far this year, users have converted these assets over 13 million times (to other formats for various uses), and have downloaded 52 million assets to reuse or repurpose in other ways.

We think it’s incredible to see Collective users powering millions of connections everyday!

How are assets being connected?

The Collective gives users many ways to connect their content. These connections are powerful tools for engaging with customers and content consumers. It’s inspiring to see just how much assets were interacted with in 2017.


How is the Collective being connected to other tools?

Integrations with the Collective and other marketing technologies can save time and streamline work processes. Take a look at how Widen users are integrating their marketing technology stack.


That’s like saying, “Hey, Widen, I need this from you!” over 1 million times a day.

This just goes to show how integrated Widen is — and can be — across each organization.

The top types of software integrations include:

  1. Content management systems (CMS)
  2. Product information management (PIM)
  3. Product content management (PCM)
  4. Product lifecycle management (PLM)
  5. Marketing resource management systems (MRM)

Portals and collections are also being widely leveraged to share curated sets of assets for different purposes.

Collections continue to be heavily used as part of new layouts in Portals, which have grown in popularity by 1,400% since their launch in 2016.


Collective admins and users are creating new ways to share content everyday! Haven’t used Portals yet? See how other customers are leveraging them to share their content with others like sales teams, distributors, etc.


As you can see, Collective admins worked really hard in 2017 and it’s making a huge difference in the way their DAM systems are being used. From creating more global connections to connecting their marketing technology stacks, the Collective is being leveraged in more ways than ever before. We can't wait to see the numbers for 2018!

If you’re an admin and need help or more ideas on how to use the Collective to the fullest, don’t hesitate to reach out to your customer experience manager. Otherwise, keep on doing amazing DAM work and continue connecting your content into 2018 and beyond.

Topics: Content, DAM, Integrations, Content Analytics, Portals

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