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10 Articles That Will Help DAM Admins Succeed in 2018

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Looking at marketing trends for 2018, there’s going to be more content designed to fuel the buyer’s journey, creative to support more targeted ads, and content to support the digital world continuing to go hyperlocal. If you’re a DAM admin, those trends mean more content being managed in the DAM system.

So, we’ve selected 10 of our favorite posts from 2017 that will help you succeed in 2018.

The DAM basics

An intro to the five foundations of digital asset management

If you’re new to DAM, this article is a good starting point. It explores how governance, metadata and taxonomy, automatic processing, Create Once, Publish Everywhere, and analytics help create the value of a DAM system.

Widen's Response to the 10 Characteristics of a Digital Asset Management System

Originally posted in 2014, the DAM Foundation’s 10 characteristics of a DAM system are still true. In addition to the characteristics, we’ve updated how the Widen Collective® meets those expectations. Use this article to inform your DAM strategy and selection of a DAM system.


The metadata brainstorm exercise

Are you starting from scratch with metadata? Try this exercise to get a sampling of terms users will use to search for assets and how they want to use the DAM system.

What are the types of metadata fields?

Key to the success of DAM is metadata. Learn about the options for open and controlled field formats.

Improve the health of your metadata with controlled vocabularies

Dive deeper into metadata fields with this article about controlled vocabularies. Controlled vocabularies help tackle the challenge of accurate and consistent metadata.

Your auto-tagging recipe for success

While auto-tagging technology won’t solve all your metadata challenges in 2018, it can help relieve some of the burden of manually tagging images. Learn about some of the uses for integrating DAM and auto-tagging technology and how to implement it successfully.

DAM user research

UX Methodologies for DAM Admins

You play a key role in your DAM system’s user experience. How you set up training materials, metadata, the site dashboard, and more all play into how effective your teams can be at finding the assets they need. Apply these UX methodologies to optimize the system for your users’ experience.

Sample questions for a DAM user feedback survey

Get feedback from your DAM users by sending out a survey. This article features a list of sample survey questions and some tips for getting the data you need.

Content success

4 steps and one spreadsheet to help with a content audit

When’s the last time you’ve taken a step back from the planning and creation of content to evaluate it? Try these four steps and a spreadsheet to conduct a content audit to help inform your content strategy.

Drive your marketing ROI with DAM

As brands increasingly compete on the basis of customer experience, sales teams face the challenge of communicating that experience. To tackle that challenge, marketing teams are creating more dynamic content. Learn how Carnival Cruise Line uses content analytics to measure their sales communications performance.

Additional reading

If you’re hungry for more DAM articles, try these!

We’re excited for all the challenges and opportunities that 2018 will bring. Subscribe to the blog to stay up-to-date throughout the year!

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