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10 Thought-provoking posts from 2015

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From content marketers to creatives, photographers to librarians, marketing interns to CMOs, we've gathered numerous ideas and learned ways that you connect your marketing content to build your brand. What follows are our top 10 favorite articles from this year, as shared in the order they were published by marketing, technology and leadership influences and authors everywhere.

1. Data, automation and social convergence transform marketing experiences.

"For 2015, big data will continue its march from "trend" to something that will be integrated into many marketing decisions. Marketers love big data for many reasons, including its ability to reduce content clutter, connect systems and bring people together."

Read on with "3 Things Marketers Will Love on Valentine’s Day and Beyond,” posted on February 12 via Target Marketing. 

2. Balanced brands embrace the seven dimensions of wellness.

"The overall wellness and effectiveness of individuals depends wholly on their ability to balance all dimensions of life. I would argue that the same goes for brands. We are most effective when we focus our message on multiple dimensions of life."

Read on with “How Wellness Can Be an Integral Part of Great Marketing,” posted on February 17 via Inc.

3. Kickass content awakens emotions

"People won’t remember the exact images, the votes or the comments people wrote, but they will remember the positive feelings from those experiences and associate them with your brand."

Read on with “The Three Cornerstones of Kick-Butt Content,” posted on April 22 via MediaPost.

4. Have purpose to incite a response with every visual story.

"When it comes to creating an overarching digital storytelling strategy and ensuring that all manner of visual content resonates with audiences, follow a five-step approach: provide a takeaway, feature a relatable character, be consistent in your visual style, include snackable content like animated GIFs, and repurpose visuals into various pieces of content."

Read on with "Visual Storytelling Is Taking Over the Web – What Does It Mean for Your Brand?," posted on April 30 via ClickZ.


5. Video is the most powerful asset to explain complex subjects, evoke emotion and demonstrate authenticity.

"As Dr. James McQuivey of Forrester put it, “A video is worth 1.8 million words” a minute. A two-minute video can include all the explaining, emotion and authenticity needed to drive conversions."

Read on with “Four ways marketers can maximize their video efforts,” posted on May 26 via The Drum.

6. Striking, inviting imagery is as important as the words you write.

You only have eight seconds to capture the reader’s attention with great creative before they scroll away. Check out the infographic in the post below to learn about more ways to integrate visual storytelling into your brand’s marketing.

Read on with “How to Effectively Use Visual Storytelling for Your Brand (Infographic),” posted on July 24 via AdWeek Social Times.

7. Content marketers will fail to scale, measure and build brands without DAM.

"An effective content marketing strategy requires so much more than publishing an interesting blog post or sharing a cute infographic. Marketers are tasked with the tough job of organizing and selecting the digital files that will catch customers’ attention and inspire them to take action."

Read on with "The 3 Reasons Content Marketers Will Fail Without Digital Asset Management," posted on July 27 via MarTechAdvisor.

8. Eudaimonia is the best indicator of your company’s potential.

"Peter Drucker supposedly said that the "purpose of business is to create and keep a customer.” I agree, and even when eudaimonia becomes your target, you still want to maximize profitability and generate shareholder returns. The mindset shift is to decide that the purpose of your business is also to help its employees achieve happiness, health and prosperity. Strong financial performance becomes an effect of eudaimonia."

Read on with "The Real Measure of a CEO's Success Can Be Found in an Ancient Greek Word," posted on October 13 via Entrepreneur.

9. Connecting content across the customer experience is the new realm for the king of content marketing.

A positive experience in every marketing channel is the single most important key to this evolution, and your only hope of earning your buyers' preference, and, yes, credit cards.

Read on with “Arm Your Content Marketing for the New Battlefield [Infographic],” posted on October 30 via MarketingProfs.

10. Kill “feardom” to unleash the brilliance of your employees.

"After six years of experiments, failures and discoveries, Widen today is certified by WorldBlu as a freedom-centered workplace, but by no means are we perfect. I’ve learned that freedom is not something you proclaim; it's something you institute through training. Nor is freedom "do whatever you want.” Freedom is collaborative excellence within a business structure that serves employees and customers alike and is constantly being refined."

Read on with "5 Tips For Killing 'Feardom' to Unleash Your Employees' Brilliance," posted December 1 via Entrepreneur.

Which thought do you best connect with and why? Do you have a favorite post or piece of content from 2015? Please share!

Leave a comment, contact us or tweet @WidenEnterprise your favorite reads from 2015 or top trends you’re watching for 2016.

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