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Widen’s 2018 MarTech Survey Reveals the Greatest Opportunities for DAM Users

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Widen MarTech survey findings

Are you using DAM to its greatest potential? Our survey says there’s more you can do.

Marketing technology is moving at dizzying speeds. From one day to the next, new platforms, trends, and digital asset management demands bubble and rise to the surface. With such speed, it’s tough to know how to harness the power of it all. That’s where our 2018 Marketing Technology Survey comes in. Now in its fifth year, our survey gets to the heart of the matter, exposing the greatest DAM opportunities for content-driven organizations like yours. Here’s how to apply our findings!

1. Personalize audience experience

While organizations understand what personalization means, and believe it is obtainable, they do not know how to achieve it at scale in their marketing efforts.

Survey says!

Over 80 percent of respondents, consisting of both Widen customers and non-customers, can define what personalization means to their business. Most defined it as meeting audience needs via a customized experience. Examples ranged from tailored content to relevant information and top-notch customer service. In a separate, not-yet-released survey, we also discovered (spoiler alert!) that 92 percent of general market respondents think that personalization at scale is attainable. Despite these two trends, a whopping 58.2 percent are unsure of how to achieve it at scale in their marketing.

What can you do?

We get it. Personalization makes sense, but it’s easier said than done. After all, you need to reach a lot of people with unique needs across a whole slew of marketing channels. DAM tools, like the Widen Collective, can help. Using our platform, you can dig into real-time data to make decisions based on who’s using your content, and where, when, and how. Or, give Portals and Templates a whirl to customize content for your internal and partner audiences. But, don’t forget about your other MarTech. Figure out what else within your stack can help you better tailor your content and messaging. Are you sending the same nurture emails to your entire contact list? Try segmenting audience groups in your marketing automation tool to align your content with a specific audience. Start small and expand step by step.

2. Support your sales teams

DAM continues to support organizations across multiple business functions. However, many are still missing out on sales-enablement opportunities.

Survey says!

Similar to last year, the vast majority of our customers indicated that they use the Collective for business solutions related to brand management and content marketing. This year, we pushed a bit further in our line of questioning to understand specific use cases within categories like these. We learned that the majority of participants use the Collective to:  

  • Manage the controlled distribution of content to partners and vendors (69.2 percent)
  • Increase the reach, consistency, and control of brand content (62.9 percent)
  • Manage marketing content and optimize returns (50.9 percent)

Beyond this, only 32.7 percent indicated that they use DAM “to provide salespeople the most effective content at each step in the buying process.” This finding highlights a huge missed opportunity across the DAM community.

What can you do?

Your sales teams are on the front line. Visual content helps them tell your brand’s story and communicate the value of your offering. DAM tools can help you quickly and efficiently get valuable images, videos, and collateral into their hands, helping them close more deals. Take our customer FASTSIGNS, for example. They use curated collections, or customized bundles of assets, to support their real-time sales efforts. With this solution, their sales reps can access product examples and relevant sales collateral on the spot to send to clients immediately. Others leverage connectors or integrations to extend and sync their assets with other MarTech solutions, like Salesforce and Showpad. Speaking of integrations...this brings us to our next survey-fueled opportunity!

3. Break down silos

While businesses see the value in using technologies to enable and manage their day to day, they also recognize the importance of cross-system integration.

Survey says!

When asked, “What software technologies are most critical to your company’s digital experience?”, only 19 percent of participants, across both customer and non-customer groups, responded with uncertainty or indicated that no technologies are critical. In fact, they use a multitude of technologies to varying degrees. While the vast majority do not use software solutions for product information management, e-commerce, or content marketing technologies, there were clear winners across the other categories surveyed. The majority of respondents use these category-specific technologies:

  • Content management: SharePoint (34.9 percent) followed by WordPress (26.7 percent)
  • Marketing automation: Salesforce Marketing Cloud or Pardot (30.3 percent)
  • Social media management: Hootsuite (22.6 percent)
  • Project and workflow management: Jira (19.5 percent) followed by Basecamp and Trello (16.9 percent each)
  • Customer relationship management: Salesforce (37.4 percent)
  • Video management: YouTube (55.9 percent)
  • Video editing: Adobe Premiere Pro (49.2 percent)
  • Digital analytics: Google Analytics (71.8 percent)

To take this one step further, when we asked our customers to name which software solutions make the most sense to integrate with the Collective, only 19 percent failed to name an integration opportunity. Looks like the majority have at least one integration in mind!

What can you do?

With so many marketing technologies available, it’s common for teams to use their go-to tools independently of each other. But, this siloed approach is problematic. It breeds inefficiency, knowledge gaps, brand and data inconsistency, and redundancy. So, why not connect the tools you use every day? By integrating your DAM solution with other software apps you already love, you can get more power from your digital assets. Widen managed integrations can help make integrating easy.

4. Use DAM to save costs, but also to drive revenue

Users are beginning to view DAM as not only a cost-saving solution but also a revenue-driving one. This shift comes as more organizations are under pressure to justify technology investments in terms of sales ROI, rather than savings alone.

Survey says!

When asked, "How does Widen improve your business?", the majority of our customers indicated that they see benefits related to cost savings, specifically via:

  • More efficient work processes (60.4 percent)
  • Content reuse (50.3 percent)
  • And less rework (49.7 percent)

Most notably, when comparing year-over-year responses, an increase of 68.4 percent (22.8 percent in 2017 to 38.4 percent in 2018) indicated that the Collective improves their business by “increasing revenues through more effective marketing.” This upward trend suggests a monumental shift in the way organizations are using DAM.

What can you do?

DAM will help you to cut costs, but it will also drive sales. You just need to know where to look and how to apply your findings. Take our customer Carnival Cruise Line, for example. By looking at data from our analytics app, Insights, they were able to identify their best-performing marketing assets and digital channels so they could maximize marketing spend, better plan for the future, and ultimately drive more sales!

Squeeze out every ounce of value

Every day, we hear about a new marketing technology that’s supposed to help marketers work better, faster, and without the headaches. In many cases, these technologies can help. But often it’s a balance. It’s tough to know if you really do need one more tool or if you can do more with what you have. At Widen, we are all about changing the way you work with digital content technologies. Contact us to discuss options to extend the value of DAM through integration.

View our 2018 Widen customer MarTech survey findings slide deck.

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