3 Questions to Ask Yourself If Now Is the Right Time to Be Looking At Digital Asset Management Solutions

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Are you looking for ways to “Do More with Less?”

Are you working to make you marketing operation work smarter not harder?

Are you determined to be a champion for your organization to secure your job and differentiate yourself when review time comes around?

If you're in the process of determining if you need a more effective means of managing your digital assets, you have three standard questions to ask.  Although they are simple questions, the answers can be complex and vary tremendously when it comes to marketing resource management and business branding.  Nonetheless, the answers to these questions have substantial impacts to the effectiveness of marketing operations, brand recognition and digital content management. 

Take a moment to complete our self evaluation to determine your level of digital media management proficiency.  When it comes to facilitating the creation, management and distribution of brand assets including photos, logos, audio/video, presentations and marketing collateral, there are three primary questions:

1)   Where does all of this stuff exist?
2)   When you want something, what do you do?
3)   When others want something, what do they do?

1.) Where does all this stuff exist?
a.  on the internal network
b.  in drawers of CDs and DVDs
c.  scattered across multiple locations
d.  any or all of the above
2.)  When you want something, what do you do?
a.  any or all of the following
b.  spend too much time searching for images
c.  lose valuable time instead of being productive
d.  pull my hair out in frustration
3.)  When others want something, what do they do?

j.  call me or a member of my team so we waste time searching
k. zip up files and pray they don't get clogged or lost in email
l.  sing holiday songs because you enjoy working with FTP sites
m.  any or all of the above
BONUS QUESTION:  What do your answers spell? 

Submit your answers as a comment for a chance to win a $25 Amazon.com gift card.

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