7 Benefits of Digital Asset Management in 2011

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In 2011, classic advantages associated with using online digital asset management such as easier and more efficient means of organizing digital assets and reducing costs of in-house IT resources with cloud-based hosting of corporate image libraries will continue to be of basic importance. However, as marketing trends evolve to keep up with technologies related to social media, there will be a host of other benefits related to digital asset management.

Seven of the benefits of Digital Asset Management are:

    • Eliminate the cost of lost or misplaced work. As it becomes increasingly easier to engineer quality digital assets, there will be a consecutive jump in the number of digital marketing materials available for use. One of the main issues in having more assets, though, is that it also becomes easier to lose or misplace them. DAM virtually eliminates the costs associated with losing valuable materials because once they are hosted by a third party DAM solution they can’t get lost and are also easier to find. 


    • Accelerate creativity and production cycles. Tools that help users quickly create and repurpose digital assets combined with the smoother workflow and approval associated with DAM software will give a competitive edge to companies that incorporate DAM as part of their marketing strategy.


    • Benefits of Digital Asset Management ToolsReduce the time to bring new marketing campaigns to market. The centralized, third-party hosting associated with DAM means that marketers and sales representatives are able to get digital assets from marketing campaigns out to various markets as soon as they are ready no matter where users are located.   


    • Eliminate workflow redundancies. The central control that DAM provides augments easy communication and allows all team players to be on the same page at the same time. This decreases inefficiencies and greatly reduces the possibility of costly workflow redundancies.


    • Improve collaboration and access to critical assets. Tools found in digital asset managing programs encourage and facilitate collaboration among users while centralized control of digital assets with DAM greatly simplifies access to critical assets because all users with permission will be able to immediately download such valuable materials as soon as they become available.


    • Maintain brand consistency and brand integrity. Digital media asset management helps so well with branding because of the high degree of control furnished by DAM. Access to the most up-to-date digital assets is controlled by administrators as opposed to users being allowed to pick whichever assets they prefer.


  • Improve marketing intelligence and measurement of return on marketing investments (ROMI). One of the most valuable tools associated with DAM asset management is tracking and reporting, which provides administrators with graphical displays of system usage to allow decision-makers to analyze which digital assets produce the greatest ROI. 

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