A 60 Year Old DAM Company?

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We had our big splash “60 Years of Service” celebration and announcement back in September, but I just had to blog about it again after some dialogue we had at the Henry Stewart Digital Asset Management Symposium in LA earlier this week.  The guys from Kaiser-Permanente stopped by our booth to find out more about the Widen digital media management solution and they first asked “Where is Widen?”… Response being… “Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. “ Next, they asked “How long have you been around?”  Answer being quite firmly “60 Years…” the confused looks on their faces automatically triggered the question, “Did you say 6 or 16?”  I had to clarify with my Wisconsin accent “6-T or 6-D (depending on how you want to say it meaning 6-0)” … 60 years.  Like many others that ask about our age, the response is “Wow, a 60 year old DAM company!”  

I’d love to make the claim… that yeah “we invented digital… we invented digital assets… and we invented the term ‘digital asset management.’  We didn’t invent any of that, but we were there as they all evolved.  We were managing large amounts of large files for clients before DAM was an industry and DAM solutions were commercialized.  You can take a look at our history and see how we’ve evolved from a photographic engraving shop 3 generations of Widen’s ago to learn more about how we’ve evolved.  Keyword being:  “we’ve evolved.”  There’s a lot behind evolution… and the evolution of a technology company.  However, to keep it simple, two things remain constant in a continuously changing world of marketing operations and creative workflows from a Widen point of view.  First, Widen is committed to ‘interpreting the unarticulated demand of the marketplace’  through client interaction and providing technology solutions to make their everyday lives easier, save money and bring more value to each customer and their customers.  Secondly, we value our reputation, culture and commitment to ‘customer service.’  Whether you need Widen for premedia production help or for marketing software solutions, you’re going to find ‘service’ in the title of each division because that’s what it’s all about.  We will earn your business every month because of the service – Software as a Service or Premedia Services.  There’s not many other companies in the content management space that can say they’re 60-years-old. 

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