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A closeup of the "Collective Intelligence" features included with Widen Digital Asset Management

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Widen packs a balance of “top-down” admin directed and closed-loop user community-driven features for “collective intelligence” in version 6.3
The recent 6.3 release of the Widen Media Collective SaaS-based digital asset management solution rounds out a number of "collective intelligence" features that add collaborative workflow tools and feedback mechanisms to customers’ expansive digital libraries. The concept of “collective intelligence” builds on the notion that a centralized DAM system offers not only huge time savings and efficiency benefits due to the workflow involved with using and repurposing assets, but it also delivers tremendous management and analytical benefits to content owners and brand managers.
By encouraging more collaboration and feedback (and, in turn, usage), DAM tools give marketing planners, content owners, business analysts and decision-makers more data for future planning, budgeting and resource allocation. Altogether, it provides for smarter and more effective marketing operations.
Collective intelligence - The Yin and Yang of DAMSome features guide admins in informing end-users on assets to use and repurpose, while others guide users to inform admins of important analytical data based on usage and feedback.
Widen’s "collective intelligence" features available to admins and general users include: 
Asset Ratings - Grants the ability for the broad general user community to provide ratings based on quality, fit, usefulness, etc. using a familiar 5-star scale. “Ratings” offer quantitative feedback to DAM admins and content owners.
Asset Ratings
Asset Comments - Gives the ability for the broad general user community to provide feedback on quality, fit, use cases and previous experiences. “Comments” offer DAM admins the ability to capture qualitative feedback about asset perceptions and usefulness. 
Asset Comments
Favorite Assets - Provide the ability for admins (those with permission) to "favorite" assets with a heart so these appear at top of search results, regardless of the sorting option. This allows admins to guide end-users as to which assets are recommended based on the search criteria.
Favorite Assets
Asset Flags - Offer the ability for admins (those with permission) to add flags to asset groups to note special uses, permissions or security / rights protection designations. This shows end-users there’s something special to know about a particular asset before they download or share it.
Asset Flags
Watched Assets - Serves the ability for any user to "subscribe" to asset changes and be alerted or notified when changes are made to an asset. This includes the addition of new asset versions, changes to metadata, and security controls to allow any user to always remain "in the know" of changes at the asset level.
Watched Assets
User-Configurable Alerts & Notifications - Allow users to configure their preferences for Facebook-like alerts (within the application) or opt-in to email notifications for just about all workflow activity within the DAM library.
User-Configurable Alerts & Notifications
Add in these handy tools on the Admin side for:
Data Exporting Tools - Allow admins to export common data sets included with assets, metadata, users, and more to work in Excel and other spreadsheet / reporting applications.
Widen Analytics Dashboard - Delivers visual displays of data to track asset and user activity in the site over a defined period of time.
Analytics Dashboard
Widen Media Collective Analytics Dashboard
Asset Orders Chart
Widen Media Collective Analytics Chart for Orders (by Date)
Digital Asset Management Users Chart
Widen Media Collective Analytics Chart for Users (by Date)
Google Analytics Profile - Offers tremendous ability to track user (visitor) activity within your DAM site just as you would your web site.
Digimarc - Provides an optional enhancement for invisible digital watermarking to track image assets online (after they leave your DAM system). It's like a GPS tracker for your assets!
This set offers incredible intelligence for greater control and decision-making. 
The features offering greater “Collective Intelligence” are appropriate, of course, because our product is the "Widen Media Collective." In a sense, we're giving some control and intel up to the broad general user community, but it comes back full circle to close the loop for the admins who can leverage the quantitative and qualitative data for greater analysis and decision-making ability. 
Widen’s collective intelligence features can support decisions like:
  • Future content planning for photo and video shoots, design strategy, styling, volume, etc.
  • Product planning (based on asset activity)
  • Market planning (based on user activity)
  • Inter-company (internal) operations assessments (based on internal collaboration)
  • External operations assessments (based on collaboration with suppliers, vendors, partners and sales / marketing channels)
Request a demo to see all the of Collective Intelligence features in action and see how they apply to you.
For more information, check out Widen’s quick list of digital asset management features.


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