A Henry Stewart Business Briefing on Digital Asset Management Coming to Chicago

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Widen will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the Henry Stewart Business Briefing on Digital Asset Management on Monday, October 27, 2008 at the Avenue Hotel in Chicago.  Henry Stewart Events cover Digital Asset Management, Marketing Resource Management, and Best Practices in Marketing Operations.  The comprehensive one-day briefing will cover the challenges, opportunities, problems and solutions with digital media management.

See below for the full conference program or learn more at www.damusers.com.

Conference Chair:  Michael Moon, President & CEO, GISTICS

What is DAM – introduction, latest developments, how to get started and how to upgrade

  • What is it?
  • Who needs it?
  • DAM for improved efficiency
  • DAM for consistency, e.g. specification and billing
  • DAM for better marketing
  • DAM for generating new products

Michael Moon, President & CEO, GISTICS

Benefit analysis, ROIs, implications for the bottom line and the construction of an internal business case for implementation and improvement

  • Evaluating costs and risks of an enterprise wide asset management solution
  • Identifying harvestable benefits: short term and long term
  • Strategy from the organizational level to the individual perspective
  • Using statistical methods for ROI analysis and forecasting the future

Mary Yurkovic, Manager DAM and Distribution, Playboy Enterprises, Inc

Evaluating and Selecting DAM Technologies

  • Fundamentals of DAM technology
  • How to categorize the DAM/Media Asset Management marketplace
  • Rough cost estimates for different types of projects
  • Selecting the right offering to meet the identified business objective
  • Typical pitfalls in tool selection and implementation, and how to avoid them

Tony Byrne, Founder, CMS Watch

The Management Challenges In Installation and Operation

  • Golden rules to ensure an implementation goes right
  • The pieces that need to be in place
  • Getting your vendors to work with you
  • Managing inevitable changes

Linda Burman, CEO, L.A. Burman Associates

Understanding the critical importance of metadata and adopting a metadata approach suitable for your organization and its activities

  • Why metadata is so critical to effective Digital Asset Management
  • Taxonomies, metadata and search – combining components to improve findability of content
  • Making the punishment fit the crime – how much metadata is enough?
  • Who does what? – developing a workable governance policy around development, maintenance and application of metadata

Seth Earley, Principal, Earley & Associates

Case studies – who has done what, how and with what results?

Case Study: Extending the Brand Experience through DAM

  • The digital asset management software helped Knaack marketing implement and launch the new system enterprise-wide quickly and seamlessly.
  • The web-based DAM system was integrated with the Knaack Partner Gateway allowing channel partners to access images, videos and PDF files in a variety of formats from the same single sign-on portal they use to access other Knaack Resources.
  • The Big Achievement: Knaack’s digital media is stored in one location, eliminating redundant and outdated libraries. More importantly, Knaack’s assets are repurposed across multiple interactive media channels to extend the brand experience from corporate marketing to channel partners.

Jim Scarlata, Director of Marketing Operation, Knaack LLC, Division of Emerson Electric Company

Case Study from General Motors

  • Designed, implemented and managed a process to streamline the digital asset creation, storage and distribution process in the area of Advertising & Marketing for General Motors Corporation.
  • Worked with Marketing Teams at GM, their Ad agencies and Production houses to understand their workflows and create a Digital Asset Management process that improves their workfows. Also, identified redundant systems and migrated those to a common global platform
  • All GM brands are now using one common global system to store, share and collaborate advertising assets across the world. This has resulted in multi-million dollars in cost savings and also driven significant efficiencies.

Manish Mallick, Program Manager, Asset Manager, General Motors Corporate

Case Study from Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon deployed its Digital Asset Management system to centrally archive artwork created to support consumer product initiatives for Nickelodeon Shows such as Blue’s Clues, Dora the Explorer, Rugrats and SpongeBob SquarePants. A B2B, rights-managed website, Nicksource.com, was developed in tandem as a means of delivering content to licensing partners, lowering printing/shipping costs and expediting delivery to developing markets. Over time the archive has grown to over 200,000 files and the B2B site has become a globally accessed central hub for creative content. In addition to all internal lines of business (On air, On line, off air design teams, marketing, advertising, press, publications and all international offices) 3,000 users access Nicksource to download 2,000 files a day on average. More recently the Nickelodeon DAM system has been used as a central screening point for viewing QuickTime files of on air promos, reviewing and routing digital photography and serving as a repository for audio, mechanical and Aftereffects files.

Our main challenges:

  • An ever growing amount of content that is regularly being revised, updated and retired.
  • Limiting content by contract rights, region and timing which coincides with broadcast.
  • Global delivery of large amounts of content in a simple, visual manner as quickly as possible and routing artwork simultaneously to offices throughout the world
  • Distributing exclusive artwork to select partners.
  • Dealing with large, difficult and complex file sizes.
  • Routing artwork simultaneously to global offices.
  • Receiving content.

Opportunities our DAM System Presents:

  • Ability to create active user and work groups for particular pods of creative.
  • Ability to track download history
  • Targeted delivery of cataloged assets.
  • Cataloging of an enormous body of character art
  • Ability to deal with assets in multiple formats: Quark, InDesign, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Quicktime, Audio and others

Miles Rohan, Senior Digital Asset Manager, Nickelodeon

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