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Customers laughing - 2015 Widen Summit

Now is the time to mark the 2016 Widen Summit on your calendar – September 12-14 – so that you can join us in person. Wondering what to expect? Networking, skill building, and a great new location.

Get excited for the 2016 Widen Summit with this video of customer interviews and memorable scenes from last years’ Summit.

We are confident that the 2016 Widen Summit is going to be the best one yet. With a great location, a stunning time of year and outstanding content, we look forward to delivering a more impactful Widen Summit. If your boss is on the fence about sending you to the Widen Summit, check out these talking points to that will help you show the value of being there.

With that in mind, let's get to the details of what to expect at the 2016 Widen Summit.


Widen customer networking at the 2015 Widen Summit

Every year we set up opportunities for people to network inside and outside of the conference rooms. In 2015, we introduced “loud tables” as a way for people to engage with smaller groups. We’ll be refining that idea and providing new ways for you to connect to people in similar positions and industries or with a similar level of experience using DAM.

We know that learning from your peers is a great way to explore topics and address common challenges. That’s why we are also switching up some of our presenters and inviting more customers to join us on the stage – to connect you to the experts around you and learn their best practices. With that in mind, let’s discuss skill building.

Skill building

Skill building with Lexy Spry at the 2015 Widen Summit

We always strive to bring the best content and information possible and this year we’ll kick it up a notch with concrete examples, presentations by Widen customers and hands-on sessions where you can get into your own Media Collective site and start improving it.

You can also expect to encounter new topics and ideas during our keynote presentations. In the past, we’ve had content strategists, storytellers, and marketing pros. Regardless of your role, we select speakers who can talk about high-level topics that apply to every aspect of a business or organization.

It’s our mission to cover topics at the Widen Summit that help our customers do their jobs better. Do you have ideas about topics or activities to share? Contact us and let us know what you are thinking about.


2016 Widen Summit at the Edgewater Hotel in Madison Wisconsin

New location alert! For many years, we have enjoyed the comfort of the Madison Concourse Hotel and now it’s time for something different. We’ll be directly on the shores of Lake Mendota at the beautiful Edgewater Hotel. To take advantage of the fall beauty of Madison, we also moved the Summit from its typical October time to September.

With tons of terraces and lake views, the Edgewater is a great place to learn, think and enjoy yourself.

 Event though it seems like a long way off, we're already deep into the planning the Summit – and we hope you are planning to come. Remember, if you boss isn't committed to the idea yet, that we have put together a great document to justify your attendance.

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