A look inside the Widen digital asset management user survey process with Steelcase

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Steelcase conducts user survey to gain valuable insights into use of its digital asset library.
As part of the Widen SaaS model, where “service” is just as much a part of our DAM solution as the technology, we offer a variety of user engagement and adoption programs. One of the most popular services that we offer is a user survey for customers who have been using the Media Collective for some time. Our survey process includes the design, delivery, analysis and presentation of results using Widen resources. Here’s a look inside the user survey process we recently wrapped up with Steelcase, the global leader in the office furniture industry.
The Problem
Christine Krantz, Widen’s Client Development Specialist, had a chat recently with Kathy Redder, Steelcase Brand Communications Senior Specialist. Kathy asked Christine to help update Steelcase’s Digital Asset Management site - the Steelcase Photo Catalog. 
Steelcase has been with Widen for over seven years. Over that time, the organization has gone through changes that resulted in old content, and less than optimal organization. 
What We Did
One of the first tasks was to survey the end users of Steelcase’s DAM software. Christine and Al Falaschi, Widen’s customer marketing manager, put together a survey that gathered feedback from almost 800 domestic and international users. We carefully crafted a survey combining targeted questions with open-ended comment sections. 
What We Learned
When we analyzed the results, we saw a consistent pattern of issues that would be easy to remedy with the proper planning. Steelcase discovered their end users consisted of an even mix of power users (those who login multiple times each week) and casual users (once a month or less). 
End users felt there was more value in using the system and were very interested in attending best practices training sessions and viewing video tutorials to learn how to use it to get more value from their time.
The end users also had valuable insight on the style and type of images that Steelcase was uploading to the system. In addition, they offered great ideas on how to better organize categories and metadata to make searching easier and more efficient.
End users gave valuable information on how the search function could be more useful. Many wanted to type in catalog numbers and be taken to assets featuring the corresponding products. 
The Deliverable
Al and Christine put together a report to Steelcase that included screen captures of the results, and cross analysis of the data.  Al and Christine looked at results for different sets of user levels, then looked at subsets of the results to identify underlying issues. For example, if you look at users who gave usability a low score, and you look at their answers to other questions, it becomes more clear as to why they think the sites usability could be improved. Al and Christine then provided brief summaries of the findings.
Steelcase has presented the report to their internal stakeholders and is now beginning the update process working closely with Christine.
What’s Changing
Steelcase realized they need to concentrate on purging old images from the system, and to make sure their creative department takes and creates more images of the type and style their users want.
Christine is working with Steelcase to update their categories and metadata structure to include the information that the end users said is their preferred search method. They are currently holding planning meetings to discuss other specific changes that will be made throughout 2013 with the help of Christine.
Widen and Steelcase Photo Catalog administrators look forward to making their DAM system even more user friendly and efficient as they continue to serve 5,000+ different users who access the system each year.
Contact us to request access to more details about the Steelcase survey responses.
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Steelcase Photo Library User Survey Respondents by Role
How Often Survey Respondents Use the Steelcase Photo Catalog
Responses to question: "The Steelcase Photo Catalog is an important tool for completing my work."

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