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A Successful Approach to DAM Acquisition – Joe Waresak

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“The Widen team from the initial contact through the signing of the contract was just solid…they are striving for a culture of excellence, and that excellence is rooted in meeting the needs of their customers.” – Joe Waresak, Family Talk 

When the team at Family Talk began their DAM selection process, their strategy for organizing and accessing digital assets simply wasn’t working. CCO Joe Waresak said they knew “there was a better way to manage our digital assets versus folders sitting on a server...without any great categorical way to quickly access them, whether it be through keywords or metadata and such.”

And so their search for the right DAM began. In this Widen Podcast episode, learn why Joe and his team ultimately selected the Widen Collective, along with tips for any organization looking to find the DAM solution that is the best fit for their needs.

Selection Criteria

On a high-level, Joe said they wanted their DAM system to “really become part of the heart of all of our content management and distribution.” So, how does that goal translate to specific selection criteria? Here is how he described the priorities that mattered the most, to them:

  • A best in class user interface
  • A robust API that would allow them to publish externally to websites, mobile apps, and voice controlled devices
  • A web-based, cloud-based system
  • Tools that would support their workflow
  • A simple process for data migration and metadata updates
  • Solid security
  • An intelligent roadmap, that was informed by client needs
  • Cost (with the caveat that you get what you pay for)

With this system profile in mind, they began their research.

The selection process

Although Joe coordinated the selection process, he had a team to help. At his side was his IT director and one of their inspirations specialists, both of whom have deep technical backgrounds.

Through online research they immediately identified five or six candidates, and began the process of vetting each. This process included:

  • Requesting a free trial, and then spending a significant amount of time test driving the functionality and features
  • Asking a lot of tough questions
  • Confirming which vendors had experience successfully serving similar clients in their industry
  • Requesting references of existing clients to call and discuss their DAM experience

Why Widen?

After several weeks of evaluation, the team selected Widen. Joe shared, “Widen right from the start was a front-runner for us.” This was largely because of the platform’s features and functionality. However, two key factors ultimately tipped the scales in Widen’s favor.

The first was customer service. Joe said, “We wanted to make sure that whatever vendor we worked with was going to be a long-term solution.” And Widen presented themselves as a real partner. Joe shared, “The Widen team from the initial contact through the signing of the contract was just solid…they are striving for a culture of excellence, and that excellence is rooted in meeting the needs of their customers.”

Further, they the Widen team was very responsive to their questions, and promised a significant amount of support during the migration process.

The second factor materialized through conversations with the client references that Widen shared. He said, “when we called those references, those other businesses, the accolades if you will to Widen were significant. It did definitely help us make that decision, to know that Widen had dealt with and managed well that relationship with other nonprofit organizations.”

In short - because they felt confident that they would enjoying working with Widen, they felt comfortable selecting the Collective for their DAM platform.

Lessons learned

When asked if he had any advice to share with others embarking on the DAM selection process, Joe had three thoughts. The first was around migration. “The more we or anybody can do to most effectively categorize your assets and at the same time attached metadata to those assets prior to migration, is a big help. It’s just going to put you a step ahead of the game.”

The second was around DAM ownership and administration. He said, “right from the start you want to make sure that you have a dedicated person that’s working with that team to make sure you’re getting the most out of your DAM and the investment it made.”

And finally, Joe advised to make the process a team effort. “Pull in the right people to vet it alongside of you, never go it alone. If you don’t have an internal team it’s worth the money to pay for an API specialist or an external IT-oriented, DAM-oriented professional that will help you through the process...Take your time with it, and make the right choice.”

For the full story, listen to this episode of the Widen Podcast. Episode topics include:

  • Selection Criteria
  • The selection process
  • Why Widen?
  • Lessons learned

Listen to podcast

The Widen Implementation podcast is about helping customers prepare for and execute their DAM roll out. Each episode will involve conversations with people who have implemented the Widen DAM solution. It's our hope that each episode will help future Widen customers by giving them a few tips regarding the implementation process.

About our guest

Joe Waresak is COO at Dr. James Dobson's Family Talk, a Christian non-profit organization that is committed to supporting marriage, family, and child-development. They produce broadcasts, monthly newsletters, feature articles, videos, blogs, books and other resources available on demand via its website, mobile apps, and social media platforms.

About our host

Bill Banham is a marketing and publishing professional based in Toronto. He is the founder of the HR Gazette and Iceni Marketing as well as the co-founder of the WorkingTech show and the InnovateWork event series. Bill hosts several CPSA podcast shows on topics including social selling and tech, business strategy, and sales strategy.

Listen to more episodes from the Widen Implementation Podcast series.

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