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Widen helps marketing organizations achieve global brand consistency and shorter time to market with all forms of branded promotional material.

In business since 1948, Widen is a digital asset management (DAM) service provider of pre-media services and software as a service (SaaS). Digital Asset Management unifies the Widen service offering under a unique umbrella to assist with marketing execution, creative support and sales enablement.

Widen pre-media supports the creation and manipulation of digital assets by providing graphic arts services for digital photography, color retouching and page building, in addition to color management and color proofing to help manage the digital asset production process. On the communications side, Widen is a software-as-a-service provider of the software to search, catalog, and transform digital assets, data center hosting facility and distribution infrastructure to deliver digital assets wherever they are to be used.

Upstream from DAM, Widen provides collaboration and workflow solutions to assist with the creative workflow and approval processes, tightly integrated with DAM. For extended support to the creative process, Widen provides a local node Widen Appliance for creative teams to access digital assets at LAN speeds and integration with creative production applications such as Adobe CS3 – making DAM a necessary and seamless part of the production workflow.

On the publishing and distribution side, Widen realizes sales channels and third-party partners need access to digital assets in various formats to assist with marketing and sales functions. The Widen digital asset management system brings these assets closer to these audiences with web-based access to approved assets in the file formats necessary for the intended use. What's more, it's necessary that sales channels be able to customize promotional materials for local marketing campaigns. Widen dynamic media building solutions make it easy for sales channels to co-brand and personalize marketing materials efficiently and effectively within corporate branding standards.

Widen brings digital asset management capabilities closer to field marketing and field sales reps by integrating with the Salesforce.com customer relationship management CRM platform on the Appexchange. Digital assets are closer to the marketers who manage campaigns by providing a simple interface to centralize and publish digital assets to multiple channels – email marketing, web pages, blogs, printable media and other programs and promotions. Widen integration with other portals and business applications like salesforce.com brings digital assets closer to the end-users who depend on them to assist with customer relationships.

Widen realizes DAM is not the end all, be all to the information lifecycle. Our use of open source Java technology and web services make it possible for us to play nice with others. With real-time or batch sharing of data, Widen customers leverage commonality of information across many different systems – ERP, ECM, MRM, CRM, and other DAM systems. Our open APIs and web services make that possible, and Widen provides the added value of being a service provider acting as the integrator.

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For more information about Widen, contact us at 1-800-444-2828, email marketing@widen.com or visit www.widen.com.


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