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Mindmapping - digital asset management softwareRegardless of size, the range of ad agencies’ digital asset management (DAM) needs and delivery is pretty great (from a simple image library, to more complex software married to existing client systems). As a business investment, DAM helps advertising agencies manage their own digital images and those of their clients. Agencies have the unique ability to individually “private label” or brand their clients’ accounts while handling the administrative side of DAM.

What digital asset management (DAM) can do for ad agencies:

  • Find and share images more easily
  • Eliminate redundancy
  • Collaborate on project workflow from creation to approval and execution
  • Secure file transfer and file backup
  • More efficiently repurpose assets for other markets and campaigns

DAM helps your organization ensure brand consistency. In turn, it encourages brand loyalty. User adoption can be a challenge within agencies, which is why leadership endorsement is essential for a successful implementation. Art Directors and writers inherently dislike process and often may prefer email, social communities or basecamp-like applications for sharing and reviewing files. If your company is going to invest in digital asset management, you need to communicate how important it is to own and use and that there is value in collaborating on it.

Often, agencies manage their digital assets (i.e. images, design files, videos, and other rich media) using systems and protocols they developed themselves. These methods cost valuable time to maintain, and also come with very few — if any — safeguards against redundancy, version control, or the loss of digital files due to storage malfunction, physical damage or accidental deletion.

The lack of an effective DAM system means not making the most of resources and the risk of losing digital assets and business opportunities. In a competitive industry like advertising, DAM can provide an edge on resource allocation, creative collaboration, and cost savings.

The question to ask yourself is not, “How much will a DAM system cost?” but rather, “What is it costing us to not use DAM?”

To learn about some of the other things you should understand about your organization and its DAM software needs, download one of our most popular white papers: "Digital Asset Management: What to Know Before You Go!"

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