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Admins still key to DAM success at DAM NY 2017 Conference

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Technology is the future, right? Sure, technology tools are amazing! They help you achieve more than you could on your own. They keep you organized, save time, and keep your business competitive. But what about the people behind the tools?

At this year’s Henry Stewart DAM New York, the largest DAM conference in the world, hundreds of digital asset management users gathered to meet with DAM companies and leaders from around the globe. And while DAM technologies took center stage, it was people power that really stole the show.

Within the first 15 minutes of the two-day conference, DAM analyst and consultant Theresa Regli explained that “speed and design do not always win. You can’t just buy the sexiest DAM.” We definitely want to believe that the flashy tools will save the day with minimal effort behind the scenes, but unfortunately that’s just not true, and it was refreshing to hear DAM leaders talk about it openly.

Throughout the conference, users continued to express a desire for help with maintenance and consistency, while DAM professionals shared their insights for achieving this. Gabriel Ables, digital experience senior project manager for Boy Scouts of America, advised attendees to “always be mindful of the end user with every decision.” While Debra Risner, creative digital asset director for Hallmark Cards, Inc., suggested having a governance board for your DAM and noted that keys for success are clarifying ownership and seeking agreement rather than consensus.

Conference chair David Lipsey remarked that “executives expect assets to be there when they want them.” It’s no longer just marketing and creative teams who are using DAM systems. And as DAM usage grows so do the content libraries they contain. But who’s managing that content?

“Content is the new buzzword. Everyone wants content, but the one thing that’s being lost in the conversation is creating versus managing,” warn Jennifer Candelario and Rob Lugo from Droga5. Content creators are being tapped constantly to create unique and engaging collateral, and too often it’s not reaching its full potential.

Leveraging a well-maintained DAM system to repurpose assets can not only save you time but also money. Nick Felder, global group director of film and music production at The Coca-Cola Company, estimates that if they increase reuse by 1%, it’s worth $10 million. Putting a specific value on your DAM system usage highlights the power of DAM and those who maintain it. So why can’t the tool do it all?

“A tool isn’t a magic wand that you will wave and it will fix everything. You have to understand how it’s going to fit into your team and process,” said Candelario and Lugo. A sentiment echoed by Regli, who reminded us that, “DAM is a tool but it doesn’t provide the governance. That takes people power.” It’s the DAM managers and librarians who control the success of your system.

Henry Stewart DAM NY was a great opportunity to see the powerful potential DAM tools bring to the table, but it was even more inspiring to gather with the users who manage them.

For more information on how technology and people power unite to provide an unstoppable connection, check out our 2017 Widen Connectivity Report.

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