Adobe Photoshop CS5 Beta Testing • Tips Tricks Report by Matt Anderson

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Ok, I, like many others, have been secretly and quietly testing the new Adobe Photoshop CS5 Beta. We finally got the go ahead to share SOME information, er, images that showcase some features that may or may not exist or ship in the final version. Until April 12, 8am PST/11am EST, then we can really shout it from the Mountain Top, I think.

To follow the proper protocol....

(Stands Up)
I am a beta (prelease) tester for Photoshop CS5, I like to wear womens underwear ... (Bad Monty Python insert)

I can't be specific.
I can't explain how things work and what their name is.
I can't show you screen shots.
I can't talk about that one night I blacked out in college.
I won't admit if those 1998 underwear model shots for Hanes was me.

I'm not a program/computer tech analyst so take all this with a grain of salt.

I can say on my Mac 2 x 3 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon 10 Gb 800 MHz DDR2 1 TB WD Caviar Black OSX 10.6.2 64bit that...

I had fewer crashes in the CS5 Beta then I do with CS4! (exempting known features of CS5 Beta that are/were known to crash the program) Yes, I just said fewer crashes!

The program was noticeably quicker in almost all operations. The new features I found to be quite ... hey, what a minute, I can't say that.

Remember this is a Beta and things could change.

Ok, how about some imagery that can tell some sort of story. I think I can put some dialouge that will make a little sense of what your seeing without Adobe KGB coming to visit.

Note, clicking on the images will open a new window with a larger version for your inspection.

I like to print big. Much of my fine art gets printed to a 42" (on the long end) print. Nailing the details and settings in post processing is just as important as nailing it in camera. Details makes daddy happy. Fractal formulas are so ... 1990ish. Twice I cut myself on images, while working on Canon 5D Mark II image files in CS5.

image by matt anderson fine art photography
Flat Photos are so boring to look at. Free time these days seems so hard to come by. I wish I could get non-flat looking photos faster, quicker, and more consistently. Sometimes I think ten seconds is all it should take to make a photo look how I want it too...
Matt Anderson fine art landscape photography
Canon, Nikon, etc. They always seem to know things about their files that others don't. Proprietary types of things. Knowing things is smart.

Some kids don't play well with others. I have some puzzles that I can't seem to get solved... too many pieces. I don't even have the box to reference. I may not even like the puzzle when it's together, but sure seems like a lot of work to find out if I like the final puzzle picture in the first place. That is, If I had the skill to do the puzzle. I'm gettin better at solving puzzles though. Some of my puzzles are missing pieces too. 
I wish I had more free time.
matt anderson fine art gallery photography

It's Friday at 4:59:50. One file left to post process and I can start the weekend. Man I wish I could have this file finished and hit the road by 5:00:00 p.m. I don't want to miss Happy Hour. Nothing says weekend like a New Glarus Spotted Cow cold one at Happy Hour...

I call this picture "Future Disclaimers"...

matt anderson fine art landscape photography

I think you have a little bit to chew on here.
Many of you want to know what are the new features. Well, you'll find out soon enough.
Many of you want to know is it worth the new/upgrade price. Well, you 'll find out soon enough.
Many of you want to know was the Photoshop CS5 Beta fun to play with. Look close, you can see me grinning ear to ear...

More coming soon...

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