An Inconvenient Truth: Technology Doesn’t Always Mean Easier

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When did modern conveniences and technology become so
inconvenient?  Driving takes too long, so
you fly right?  Well, how are you
supposed to get anywhere when thousands of flights are being cancelled every
day?  You need to be connected to your
business associates at any given time; yet dropped cell phone calls, unreliable
wireless internet connections and non-coverage areas for cell phone carriers
all plague your essential communications.       

We’ve started to accept all of the inconveniences as being
part of the cumbersome processes involved in business communications.  What if there was a solution that would allow
you to not need to catch that flight and not require that phone call?

Software as a service (SaaS), along with Widen’s digital
asset management (DAM), is propelling new opportunities in business workflow
architecture.  Projects can now be routed
and approved through a digital workflow, rather than tedious meetings.  Photography can be routed, approved and
catalogued in a streamlined online portal. 
Searching for your marketing and creative assets isn’t any harder than making
a few clicks and choosing which file format best meets your current needs.  

Overall, business communications are in a current state of
organized chaos.  Too many mobile devices,
all working on different platforms and all having different capabilities.  There are too many questions driving the
frustrations of marketing and creative personnel, but there is no reason to
overlook an intuitive solution to some of the most tedious tasks you’re faced
with regularly.  Widen’s DAM will help
you save time, money and most importantly, your sanity.

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