And the Race Rolls On...

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With the presidential primary elections rolling into Wisconsin, I realize
that it’s going to be a few months of making decisions.  What issues are most important to me, where
do the candidates stand on these issues and do I think that they’ll be an
overall capable leader are all things that you have to mull over when deciding
who to give your vote.  In a way, it is
actually somewhat comparable to selecting your asset management system if
you’re in a marketing or creative department.

What issues are the most important to me?  Is it the time that’s consumed by fulfilling
requests?  Getting the files in the
correct format?  IT delays with the
system?  All of these questions and many
more help in determining what sort of asset management system is best for your
needs.  It’s not to say that software is
a service is always the appropriate solution, but in many cases it can save
your department quite a bit in time to implementation and overall cost, without
losing any of the features that you typically would associate with software
that’s installed on site.

Where does the candidate stand on these issues, or as I look
at it, where does the provider stand on addressing these issues?  Of all the concerns that surround asset
management, there needs to be some sort of safety net in place so that you know
you’re being taken care of.  Helpful
customer service that can answer your questions both quickly and accurately and
regular updates so that you know you’re staying with the technology trends
within the industry both fall within this category of providing a little more
comfort to your asset management system. 
System security is also integral when considering software as a service,
but as any user can tell you; our user authentication process can be quite
intimidating and is by no means a free pass into your branded materials.

Is this system capable of being my leader, the core of my
marketing workflows?  In short, yes.  The multiple functions of our digital asset
management (DAM) system allows you to leverage your current assets in a way
that you previously haven’t experienced while also opening the door to new
solutions such as photography routing and approval systems, catalog management
systems and media building applications. 
With all of this at your finger tips from one, multi-faceted
application, your marketing department will operate more efficiently then ever
before, and just as importantly, your sales channels will be enabled to function
at a whole new level.

Overall, our DAM system is capable of serving you, wants to
serve you and has a service record that stands out among candidates within the
industry.  It’s time for a new and better
asset management system – our digital asset management system.  If you aren’t sure if it’s right for you, I
implore you to ask yourself; why you aren’t ready for a better tomorrow?  A better next quarter?  Even, a better fiscal year?  The time has come to ask not what you can do
for your asset management software, but what can your DAM provider do for you….

Good Night!!!

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