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Are Digital Asset Management Programs Really that Difficult to Use?

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Digital Asset Management ToolsThere are tools that are very simple to use (such as a hammer) as well as more complicated tools that require a higher degree of training and equipment (such as a welding torch). It may take more time to learn to use complicated tools but they generally provide a higher return on investment.

For example, while it doesn’t take much time to learn how to properly use a hammer, it just can’t be used to join two pieces of metal. It might have taken longer to learn how to use the welding torch and it cost more than the hammer but once you know how to use it, tasks fundamental to construction are quickly and easily done that would have been impossible to do with a hammer.

Similar analogies can be seen when dealing with computer software although certain programs can be so difficult and over complicated that the results don’t seem to be worth the time spent learning how to use them. Because return on investment is at best vague with such occasional, overly difficult programs, a fair number of people who have experienced the extreme frustration associated with them tend to be wary of unfamiliar software, and especially so if the program in question deals with revolutionary technology.

This is one of the main reasons why some companies are cautious about purchasing Digital Asset Management software. They have heard that it can be difficult to use and are in fact correct according to a poll carried out by CMSWire which found that usability is the principle challenge or obstacle for DAM software. What this poll doesn’t take into account, however, are a few important factors that influence usability such as: 

    • Training – Were the people surveyed properly trained for using online Digital Asset Management? DAM doesn’t have to be that challenging to use and if it is complicated, a certain degree of training should smooth out any issues or potential obstacles. Not all software is as simple as using a hammer, but that is probably due to the tasks in question being more complicated and in turn providing a larger return on investment. Training is also involved with DAM not so much because the program in question is over complicated, but because proper training will result in greater efficiency and thus higher ROI.


    • Upgrades – Perhaps the people surveyed did not receive upgrades as part of the DAM software they purchased. Regular upgrades are necessary to smooth out any kinks when technology that is subject to frequent changes is involved. This is particularly true in the world of rich media management with the growing amount, types and sizes of digital media assets.


  • Software Brand – Most importantly, were the Digital Asset Management tools in question developed by a reputable company that has been in the marketing and sales business for several years, or was this a first attempt by a start-up to develop marketing-related software? As with any type of software, programs developed for video content management or digital hosting vary greatly in their usability and function depending on who made them.

DAM doesn’t have to be a challenge to use and reputable companies that include training, upgrades, and more with their product are more likely to provide an easy means to manage digital assets.

To experience the usability of DAM from Widen, take the tour on your own or sign up for a digital asset management sandbox.

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