Are you grappling with digital media management?

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Guest Blog Post from Alex Byrne, Widen Sales Representative

to grap•ple

1. To engage in a struggle or close encounter (usually fol. by with):  They were grappling with a rather large issue of digital media management.

Thank goodness offers the ability to look up the definition of grapple, or this blog would have been put to a halt immediately!   Time and time again I as well as my colleagues have asked the question to companies around the world: “Are you grappling with any issues around the time it takes to organize, find and repurpose your digital media files…?”  We may even ask, “Are you seeing a rise in your creation of rich media, and if that’s the case, are you grappling with managing and distributing what is being created?”

Some ponder the word, some laugh, some ask to hear it again, and some just flat out don’t understand!   My personal favorite is “I think you know the answer.”  Digital Asset Management solutions offer departments the opportunity to put an end to the grappling!  Widen DAM allows you to store, retrieve, and distribute your media in a way that is easy to comprehend and understand.

Stop and think how much better life would be if you could walk around the office grappling with digital content management no more.  Allow Widen to free your organization from the struggle of managing your digital media!

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