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Keep Your DAM Site Organized Using the Asset Uploader

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Getting files organized in your digital asset management (DAM) system is the first step towards more efficient workflows and coordinated customer experiences. With complete and accurate asset metadata, teams can quickly find exactly what they need.

Like keeping your home clean, keeping your DAM system organized requires good habits. The asset uploader is designed to do just that – by helping your teams quickly and easily add files with the right information.

What is the asset uploader?

The asset uploader is the user interface (UI) for uploading assets in the Widen DAM system. It guides users through a five-step process: choose details, select categories, add metadata, select files, and view summary.

We launched a new asset uploader in 2019 to refine the upload experience and make it more straightforward for our admins. We've since enhanced the functionality further. Here are the improvements that will roll out to customer sites this spring:

  • Select categories and metadata for your files prior to upload
  • Metadata fields are organized into primary and secondary metadata sections to show users which fields are essential
  • A metadata editing UI that meets accessibility standards
  • Visibility into pre-filled category and metadata information via upload profiles
  • Visibility into which fields are mapped from embedded metadata

The asset uploader will replace the old Upload Wizard, which will be phased out of sites this year. More on that later in the article.

A new approach to uploading assets

In 2019, research from our User Experience team found that 90% of assets are uploaded by only three users within an organization — with the DAM admin(s) often managing the lion’s share of this activity.

We know that having dedicated DAM admins to govern, maintain, and train users increases the success of DAM in an organization. But for many admins, maintaining the DAM system is just one of many job responsibilities. They often have to juggle priorities and can become a bottleneck to getting content to their teams. Our research helped us realize that an improved asset upload experience could greatly reduce some of these workflow inefficiencies.

So we built the asset uploader with these goals in mind:

  • Simplify the upload process with clear, guided steps
  • Improve visibility into pre-filled information
  • Unify the editing process across the product, including uploading, single asset edits, batch edits, and more

The Widen DAM system also includes features that help admins automate metadata-related tasks.

Paths allow admins to setup notifications that trigger when assets are added to an asset group. Admins can review or add metadata prior to releasing the content.

The metadata importer allows admins to quickly add metadata to newly uploaded assets by importing a CSV file.

Use cases for automating metadata creation with upload profiles

Upload profiles provide a flexible and organized way to upload assets to the DAM system. With upload profiles, pre-set information is automatically applied to the assets. Use upload profiles to:

You can create upload profiles for common asset types or one-time use. Here are just a few of the ways you can use upload profiles:

  • Photoshoots applying a shoot date, location, and photographer
  • Event photography applying dates, venue, and event information
  • Digital ads applying graphic type, campaign, products promoted, and release and expiration dates
  • Employee headshots applying photography type, photographer, and region
  • Projects applying project ID and project information
  • Marketing campaigns applying target audience, regions, brand, and release and expiration dates

For more examples and tips, read How do I create upload profiles?

What to expect in 2022

While we don’t have a set date, we will be removing the Upload Wizard in 2022. If you haven’t done so already, we encourage all admins and uploaders to start exploring the asset uploader now.

If you're a current customer, you can enroll in a Widen University course to get more familiar with uploading and tagging assets, or reach out to your Widen rep with specific concerns.

Not using Widen yet? Request a demo from one of our advisors today. 

Note: This article was originally published in August 2019 and has been updated to remain current.

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