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A New and Improved Asset Upload Experience

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new upload experience

A digital asset management (DAM) system is only as valuable as the content in it. A consistent flow of new, useful, and usable assets keeps teams coming back for more. Eventually, using the DAM system becomes a key part of their workflow. But enabling content creators to properly upload assets can be a challenge. So our team set out to make the process simpler.

Over the past 20 years we have worked closely with our customers to create a healthy DAM system that users love and find valuable. And over the last 12 months our User Experience team specifically looked at the experience of ingesting content into the Widen CollectiveⓇ. 

Uploaders are tasked with collecting files from across their teams and outside agencies, and then adding them into the system. Our research showed that 90% of assets are uploaded by three users within an organization, with DAM admins often managing the lion’s share of this activity.

We know that having dedicated DAM admins to govern, maintain, and train users increases the success of DAM in an organization. But for many admins, DAM is just one of many job responsibilities. They often have to juggle priorities and become a bottleneck to getting content to their teams. Our research helped us realize that an improved asset upload experience could greatly reduce some of these workflow bottlenecks.

A new guided upload process

We cherish each and every one of our DAM admins, and want to  improve their day-to-day lives. So we explored how to reinvigorate the asset upload experience to make it more attractive to more users. Our result is a refined and straight-forward process with improved upload profiles, a new metadata importer, and enhanced notifications.

Admins can control the upload experience for each project or event through predetermined upload profile settings. Shared metadata and security settings per project can be defined in advance based on your content calendar. When the content is available, it can be dropped into the Collective.


Further, metadata can be added during the upload process across all the files or in subsets, through the batch edit form or single edit form. And alerts can be used to notify admins when metadata needs to be reviewed or added prior to releasing the content, which might be especially valuable to admins with specialized industry knowledge. In this use case, admins can leverage our new metadata importer for CSV files to quickly import metadata for newly uploaded assets. 

Give it a try

In the coming weeks, you’ll have access to our guided, simplified upload experience. The first rollout to a small group of customers will be on September 3. The full rollout will be the week of September 16. With this change, we’ll be moving the drag and drop upload zone from your dashboard into the new upload experience.

As always, changes to the DAM tools may require admins to change the way they work. But rest assured that the change can be gradual! Uploaders will have the option to use the existing Upload Wizard until they decide that they’re ready for the new experience.

We’re here to help during this adjustment time. We can provide details around modifying internal processes, leveraging upload profiles, using the new metadata importer, and enabling asset upload notifications.

Grow your DAM

The ease of use of the new upload experience is designed to empower users to participate in the upload process. We hope this will allow admins to spend less time uploading, and more time developing and implementing growth strategies that will help your DAM thrive now, and well into the future!

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