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Al Falaschi

Al Falaschi

Al has deep roots in dealing with digital audio and video dating back to the 1990’s as an independent musician, producer and video editor. The purpose of my blog is to keep you in the loop on what's going on in Widen's world of video handling, in addition to discussing the opportunities and issues with audio, video, and digital asset management. Stay tuned...

Recent posts by Al Falaschi:

The Rise of Enterprise Video in Marketing

by Al Falaschi, March 3, 2021

For nearly two decades, video has been the rising star of marketing. It started gaining speed alongside the launch of YouTube in 2005, and all signs point to continued growth through 2021 and beyond. Research from HubSpot found that more than 99% of marketers currently using video will continue to in 2021, and 69% of those who aren’t, plan to start.

This wild popularity almost begs the question — why? Are businesses just blindly following trends or are their investments in the creation, management, and distribution of video assets more deeply rooted? Let’s have a look.

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A Guide to Branded Video Content

by Al Falaschi, February 23, 2021

By now, it’s no surprise that video is a popular marketing tool for brands. The numbers are staggering. A whopping
86% of businesses use video content, and 93% of marketers who use video say that it's an important part of their strategy. With over two billion YouTube users it’s no secret why!  

So yes, video is popular. But, just because brands use it and people watch it, doesn’t make all video effective. Video for the sake of video won’t cut it, which is why the savviest of marketers have set their sights on what’s called “branded video.” 

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Four Tips for Shooting Better Video for the Non-Video Professional

by Al Falaschi, February 16, 2021

Video has proven to be one the best tools — if not the best — for communication and promotion. Its ability to convey and elicit emotions is without equal. So it’s not surprising that  video is now the number one form of media used in content strategy, overtaking blogs and infographics. 

And while demand for video is expanding, so are the tools to take high-quality video. Cameras in today’s smartphones have better video capabilities than professional cameras had as little as 10 years ago. With the right knowledge they can yield extremely high quality results — without a George Lucas-level budget. Let’s explore four areas where the right tricks and tips can help your videos look professional and achieve the desired impact:

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The Difference Between YouTube and a DAM System

by Al Falaschi, January 27, 2021

What’s the difference between YouTube and a digital asset management (DAM) system, and which one should I use? These questions are often asked by Widen customers who want to expand their use of the Widen Collective to manage video assets, and by potential buyers who need a better way to manage their video assets on YouTube. 

DAM software is a content management system with publishing capabilities. YouTube, on the other hand, is a publishing platform and a search engine. So they are actually quite different, and shouldn’t be thought of as “one or the other.” We suggest you use both, and have some tips for maximizing the value of each.

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Guide to Storing Video Files in Your DAM System

by Al Falaschi, August 11, 2020

In 2020, 85% of businesses use video as a tool in their marketing strategy. That’s because video works — it can increase traffic, leads, sales, and audience understanding. But, it only works at an enterprise level if you store and distribute your videos strategically.  

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What to Look for in a Video Archive Solution

by Al Falaschi, April 20, 2020

Video content continues to grow in popularity and importance among marketers. According to research from Wyzowl, 89% feel video marketing results in positive ROI — up from 33% in 2015 — because it has the ability to increase traffic, leads, sales, and audience understanding. Further, faster connection speeds and improved hardware make daily video consumption the norm.

Because video assets are increasingly vital to current marketing strategies, this content needs to be managed effectively throughout its lifecycle. Let’s take a closer look at how the right technology can extend the reach and value of video content across phases — including archiving.

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Storing Video in Your DAM with the Mezzanine File Format

by Al Falaschi, January 8, 2019

When implementing a digital asset management (DAM) system, you begin by adding the typical mix of marketing assets, such as images, logos, pdfs, documents, etc. Most of these file types are familiar to the average marketer, until you get to video. Because video files are much larger and more complex than other media files, we are frequently asked, “What’s the best video format to upload into my DAM?”

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The University of San Francisco reduces brand asset requests from two weeks to on-demand

by Al Falaschi, October 10, 2017

Do I wait two weeks for a photograph request? Or do I use the same one I’ve already been using? That was a question many at the University of San Francisco (USF) faced.

When we interviewed Tressa Crozier and Candice Pinault Novak, you could feel the pride and importance behind the USF brand. Unfortunately, the cost of providing the assets that embodied the brand came at a cost of time and chaos.

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What is “The Widen Experience?”

by Al Falaschi, December 15, 2016

A Google search for “digital asset management” will give you hundreds of vendors. Where do you start? Which vendor has what you need? What makes Widen different than other software solution providers? Why should I choose Widen? Our advisors field these questions every day, and our marketing team wanted to help answer them too. So, we embarked on a journey to capture the Widen Experience:

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Prototyping the Widen DAM integration with Getty Images

by Al Falaschi, May 30, 2014

A hackathon, also known as a hack day or hackfest, is an event in which software developers work intensively on a software project of their choice for a day or two with the goal of creating a usable piece of software for educational, social, or business purposes. Widen has dubbed our own hackathon as “Hackathon Days” where the goal is to “deliver” usable software within two days. Denna Ballew, Widen’s development manager, uses Hackathon Days, which happen twice per year, to allow Widen developers to work on anything they want, to flex their creative muscles and to explore technologies that have not been used yet.

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