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Deanna Ballew

Deanna Ballew

Director of Product Management at Widen

Recent posts by Deanna Ballew:

A New and Improved Asset Upload Experience

by Deanna Ballew, August 18, 2019

A digital asset management (DAM) system is only as valuable as the content in it. A consistent flow of new, useful, and usable assets keeps teams coming back for more. Eventually, using the DAM system becomes a key part of their workflow. But enabling content creators to properly upload assets can be a challenge. So our team set out to make the process simpler.

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Updates to readability, navigation, and brand colors coming soon to the Widen Collective

by Deanna Ballew, February 27, 2018

We’ve been listening and watching how you and your users interact with the Widen Collective® over the last year, and even visited 39 customers in 2017. Through this, we’ve gained a fresh perspective on how usability and accessibility matters to the overall experience and success of using the Collective.

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Topics: Product Updates, Widen Collective

How we make software at Widen

by Deanna Ballew, October 19, 2017

We’re always working hard to deliver value-driven changes to our software solutions.

Sometimes changes in our software are obvious, like when we launch a new product like Portals. Or when there’s a visual change to the user interface. Other times, changes are less obvious, like when we work on the back-end to support increased consumption of 25 million total assets, bulk uploads of 1.5 million assets, and 14 million embed code views per day.

To help you understand how our teams are always working to deliver the best solution, we wanted to share how we make software at Widen.

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Key themes from MarTech San Francisco 2017

by Deanna Ballew, May 31, 2017

The MarTech conference brings together 2,500+ marketing and IT executives and managers. In addition to attending sessions, our team gathered some great insights from one-on-one conversations with marketers and IT pros at our booth. Here’s a look at some of the key themes and takeaways.

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A First Look at the New Widen UX

by Deanna Ballew, May 8, 2017

For the last several months, we’ve traveled around the world observing your teams, your environment, and your culture to learn how you communicate, connect, and contribute. You’ve shared with us the big and small things you need to get it all done...so what have we learned?

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Machine Learning and AI Aren’t Ready for Primetime in Digital Asset Management

by Deanna Ballew, March 29, 2017

Editors note: For the latest on image recognition and auto-tagging, read Do DAM Professionals Think Image Recognition is Finally Ready for Digital Asset Management? and Your Auto-tagging Recipe for Success.

As of today, human intelligence is still king when it comes to accuracy and efficiency with your metadata.

But just because image recognition and AI aren’t 100% ready to tackle your metadata problems, doesn’t mean they won’t be one day. In fact, when they are it will finally be time to automate metadata tagging — which will free up your DAMster’s time for other tasks. Until that time, you’ll need to call upon the expertise of a dedicated DAM admin.

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Highlights from Widen’s summer 2015 hackathon

by Deanna Ballew, July 25, 2015

Think creatively. Try something new. Help others.

These are just a few of our cultural traits seen on the lobby wall as soon as you walk in the front door at Widen. Widen employees and teams are encouraged to exercise creative freedoms daily. That’s one of the values that makes Widen one of Madison’s best places to work, and why we’re so inspired to help customers solve marketing, creative, technology and communication problems.

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Topics: Culture & Company

Feature Spotlight: Widen Media Collective Update Delivers More Ways to Capture Asset Use

by Deanna Ballew, July 1, 2015

By Libby Maurer and Deanna Ballew of the Widen Product Team

As we move forward with more frequent product updates as part of our Agile process, we’ll be sharing more details with you about key new features. Here’s more about updates that have been made to our Intended Use feature.

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Going Wagile (Widen Agile)

by Deanna Ballew, July 1, 2015

At this point, you have probably heard this term “Agile” either from Widen or maybe in your latest marketing meeting. It all sounds fine and dandy: software companies listening to their customers, teams favoring valuable outcomes over output and all touting a newfound ability to flex and adapt schedules based on changing technologies and customer input. However, coming from a former project manager, I get it, but I want to see it in action. How does “Wagile” work?

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Widen Media Collective v8.1 delivers user inspired updates

by Deanna Ballew, June 2, 2015

See the latest updates to the Widen Media Collective - From the Widen Product Team

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