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Dear Dr. DAM: We Need New DAM Software!

by Dr. DAM, July 8, 2011

DEAR DR. DAM: Hi, this is Fred and I am calling from Denver, Colorado. I manage the marketing department of a company that distributes sporting goods to various stores located in a number of states. For most of our company history, we only worked in Colorado, Wyoming, and Nebraska but ever since the son of the CEO graduated with a dual major in business and Mandarin Chinese, the company has showed steady growth and we have subsequently expanded into four more states.

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Dear Dr. DAM: VOOM VOOM VAM for Ad Agency Client

by Dr. DAM, September 21, 2008

DEAR DR. DAM:  I’m Mike and I run an audio/video special effects editing shop.  One of our greatest customers, a large ad agency, has asked us to digitize their library of 5,000 thirty-second video spots and get them online in only a few weeks.  We’re grappling with slow transfer rates with high volume when needing to burn DVDs pronto.  We also want something that is not too much of a roadblock when working with video assets for our internal production workflows.  A notification system for the client to review the spots without downloading them and sends email alerts is a must.  Since we’re a small shop with limited I.T. resources, technical support is key.  We’re obviously pushed to make a quick decision and get this project online.  Your thoughts?

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Dear Dr. DAM: BAM BAM Brand Asset Management

by Dr. DAM, September 7, 2008

DEAR DR. DAM:  My name’s Hank and I work as the web marketing manager for a recreational sporting goods manufacturer.  I’m looking for a DAM system and collateral builder.  We have a budget for this sort of tool and hope to have something in place and fully functional for the new year.  We don’t have much of an I.T. department and limited resources to support marketing software, so we’re looking for a hosted digital asset management solution that offers global access, is easy to use and has the ability to restrict the level of user access.  Like most marketing people, consistency in our business branding carried across all of our customer touch points is very important.  Our creative and marketing teams use Adobe CS3 products for our work in process assets, in addition to PDFs, MS Word and Excel documents.  Our storage requirements are in the 200GB range and growing, especially since we hope to add video in the near future.  Our dealers currently use word docs as templates for ads and brochure and some sort of collateral customization feature would be a big help to automatically control brand consistency throughout our dealer network.  We currently have assets stored in multiple locations with a file folder structure and have no associated metadata.  Our FTP site does not work well for dealers and we’re doing away with the dealer extranet for a new solution.

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Accountability From Your Software Vendors

by Dr. DAM, July 15, 2008

Post from guest blogger Sean Banahan, Widen Area Sales Executive

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Where have all the DAM SaaS Providers Gone?

by Dr. DAM, July 2, 2008

There has never been a shortage of vendors claiming to offer some sort of tool to manage, archive or distribute rich media files.  Of the throngs of Digital Asset Management vendors that cloud the market, few competent pure play vendors and even fewer DAM as Software as a Service (SaaS) providers seem to remain.  A landscape that has traditionally been characterized by companies who focused exclusively on providing solutions for managing digital media files has been taken over by the larger Content Management behemoths that have gobbled up the original inhabitants to offer DAM modules instead of solutions.  This trend hasn’t been a secret or a surprise to many as companies like OpenText, EMC and Oracle have recognized the benefits of digital asset management platforms and begun bundling them into larger product portfolios.  What I find surprising however, is while giant CMS and licensed DAM providers have in some part recognized the benefit of offering hosted services to their customers, those companies that previously led the charge into the SaaS arena have all but disappeared.  They too have been eaten by the larger beast and become a line item on a long product list. 

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DAM as SaaS 2.0 from Henry Stewart New York

by Dr. DAM, June 10, 2008


Our theme at Henry Stewart New York last month was “A New Twist on DAM” featuring the twist ice cream cone… what does ice cream have to do with software, you ask?  As a pure play Software as a Service (SaaS) provider of digital asset management, Widen has blended hosted and installed solutions by putting hardware/software on the client site – the Widen Appliance.  How is that different than installed software?  Widen manages the installation, replication, monitoring, maintenance and upgrades in tandem with the Widen Collective hosted platform … staying true to the model of providing software as a service.

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I want to play a game?

by Dr. DAM, May 7, 2008

As the sun shines and summertime nears it makes me want to get outside and play yard games – bocce ball, bean bags (where I come from) and that game with the golf balls on a string.  Would you agree?   However, I have a game you can play right there in the office… it’s a classic called “Where’s my assets?”

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Buyer Beware: Customization vs. Configuration

by Dr. DAM, February 8, 2008

I’m not the first product marketing manager to talk about this topic of software, but like any other software purchase, realizing the difference between customization and configuration can help you save a lot of time, money and headaches. 

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Digital Asset Management: a diagnosis and a definition …

by Dr. DAM, December 4, 2007

A few days ago, the Widen team met with a client that needed a better way to manage their digital assets, specifically their video assets. This particular client had video of all shapes and sizes for use in many different types of media channels — from broadcast to web. In a nutshell, we’re now in a time where video is on the forefront as one of the most rapidly growing media channels within marketing organizations. As we’re faced with growing amounts and types of media, the goal of centralizing these digital assets and making them easy to repurpose is that much more of a priority.

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