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Everything you wanted to know about great customer experience but were too afraid to ask

by Widen Marketing, September 19, 2017

What is a great customer experience?

If you build it, they will come. It’s a catchphrase (no pun intended) from the ‘80s baseball movie “Field of Dreams. If you’re my age (old enough to have seen the movie in the theater, young enough to remember), you’ll never forget the dreamy look on Kevin Costner’s face as a whispery voice tells him, If you build it, he will come. The sentiment has since been modified to “they will come” and has a different connotation than constructing a baseball diamond in an Iowa cornfield. The trick is deciding what to build and who you want to come. This was the topic of Widen’s keynote presentation for the BMA Milwaukee Marketing Visionaries conference at the end of August.

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Topics: Customer Stories

DAM and your brand part 2: Promote your brand guidelines with digital asset management

by Widen Marketing, October 6, 2016

The gateway to your organization’s brand

Which logo should I use? Where can I find it?
Do we say our product is “resilient” or “strong?”
Do we have a photograph of our product being “resilient?”
Why do I have to use this font?

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10 easy ways to brand your Widen Collective DAM system

by Widen Marketing, August 16, 2016

Your brand is a living, breathing, evolving thing. It delivers a promise and, as such, it has equity. It’s also one of the only true differentiators your company has, so don’t let it fragment into a bunch of different stories when a digital asset management (DAM) solution can keep it all together.

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Migrating from an existing DAM system to Widen DAM

by Widen Marketing, June 6, 2016

Whether you are currently using an installed DAM solution or a hosted solution, Widen can create a migration path from your current DAM solution to The Widen Media Collective. Your team has probably spent years collecting and organizing files and building metadata, so the data in your current system is essential groundwork for transitioning to Widen. We have in-depth experience importing data from other systems and have streamlined the process over the years.
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The Future of Marketing, An Interview with Hubspot’s Mark Roberge

by Widen Marketing, February 1, 2016

A spotlight interview with Mark Roberge, Chief Revenue Officer at Hubspot.

Meet Mark Roberge. Mark’s career began at Accenture where he used his developer background to write code. He then went on to a startup as an engagement manager for their client base. But things culminated at MIT business school, where he met Dharmesh Shah, co-founder of Hubspot. At the time, Mark had his own successful business, but he left it for the potential he saw in Hubspot.

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Topics: Marketing, Announcements

Ease the challenges of corporate change with a DAM system

by Widen Marketing, December 29, 2015

One hundred and fifty years ago, Benjamin Franklin observed, “When you’re finished changing, you’re finished.” This is true for everything – including marketing. In our profession, change is a constant force in the creation of new ideas, processes, and platforms.

Along with benefits, change often brings challenges. Shifts in leadership, corporate rebrandings, and business mergers create a cascade of new workflows and business priorities that need to be managed carefully.

This article explores the types of change that signal the need to embrace digital asset management (DAM) as an essential tool for your organization by discussing types of change, the role a DAM system can play in change, and specifics on using DAM to communicate during a time of transition.

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Your guide to a successful DAM system migration, part 2

by Widen Marketing, December 22, 2015

Welcome to part two of our article on digital asset management (DAM) system migration by John George. Part one, which you can read here, focused on the tasks that lead up to migration - assessing your team’s DAM needs, conducting research, and interacting with vendors. Part two is all about the implementation.

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Your guide to a successful DAM system migration, part 1

by Widen Marketing, December 15, 2015

As digital asset management (DAM) systems become more common in businesses and nonprofits, people need information on how to move their digital assets from one system to another.

DAM system migration can be a challenge. To help you through it, here’s a two-part article outlining the DAM migration process by someone who has done it. Information professional John George covers topics on the front end of migration like assessing your needs and researching vendors in part one and covers implementation in part two.

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What is content marketing without a content strategy? Interview with Kristina Halvorson, CEO of Brain Traffic

by Widen Marketing, July 31, 2015

Kristina Halvorson has held many different jobs over the years – all involved with content in one way or another. She started out as a freelance copywriter for web projects, but found her client’s content strategies unclear. So she got involved earlier in the web development process to ask more questions. What did her clients really need, from a content perspective? Why hadn’t they done research or analysis to validate assumptions about their content? And what exactly was driving their web content development? Through her questioning and digging, she came across the practice of content strategy and today she is the CEO of Brain Traffic, a world-renowned content strategy consultancy in Minneapolis.

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Topics: Marketing

Seven ways digital asset management helps designers do what you do best

by Widen Marketing, July 31, 2015

Free yourself to be more creative by taking digital asset management a little more seriously today!

With the demand for rich, engaging content at an all-time high, and the essential need to cut through the clutter for creative efficiency, digital asset management (DAM) is a must-have technology for design teams at organizations of all sizes.

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