Backdrop Keyboard Support – Small Detail or Big Difference?

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Anna VoGuest Blog Post from Anna Vo, Widen UI Developer for Widen Collective Digital Asset Management solutions, regarding new enhancements to the Widen photography approval system - Backdrop™.

The Widen Collective 5.2 release brings exciting new changes to Backdrop – Widen’s photography workflow management tool.  Some of these features are obvious, such as the personalized star ratings which can be found on the Grid View or on the Edit tab when viewing photos individually. Little is known, however, about the keyboard functionality added to the photo details page.

“Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.” This quote is from the Fellowship of the Ring and is generally quoted by geeks who try to alter it to suit their needs (like I am about to do).  Although this quote applies to people (more specifically Frodo), I also like to think about it applying to small things, small events, small changes that end up making a big difference.

And this brings us to keyboard support.  Few people think about using the keyboard when they are working with a web browser.  It’s always click, click, click.  Well, we got to thinking, “Wouldn’t it be nice if we can just hit the arrow button on our keyboard and go to the next photo?”  In fact, we were annoyed that it didn’t already.  It’s easy to come up with big features, it’s another thing to make what you have usable.

Now when you click to view a photo or add notes, remember that the keyboard can be your friend.  Hitting the left and right arrow on the keyboard will move to the previous and next photo making editing a lot quicker.  You’ll notice that the photo carousel at the bottom will update as you move through your list.  In addition to this, we’ve added the ability to set the star rating of the photo by typing a number between one and five.  The next time you are on the Edit tab, try it out.

Features come in different sizes.  Some may think this feature is just a small detail, but I say it’s really the small details that make the difference.

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