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A couple weeks ago I met with a kitchen equipment and accessories manufacturer that was interested in improving their creative workflow.  They were struggling with image management internally – images were being lost, reworked, and the overall workflow was being hampered by extreme inefficiencies.  Art directors didn’t know which photos were approved or not, which photos had moved to premedia services, and frustration was high.  One of the art directors is friends with an Account Executive at Widen – and called him one day to ask if Widen had any type of photography organizational software.  The AE laughed because as the Art Director described what she needed – it was as if she was reading a product guide for Backdrop! 

Backdrop by Widen is a photography workflow management application that allows many tasks to be automated in the creative workflow process when dealing with photographers and images.  Photographers select a profile (or workflow) – upload images using a drag and drop applet which triggers emails to the reviewers (often times Art Directors) in that particular workflow.  This photography approval system organizes images, allows for approvals and reshoot requests, and provides for as much metadata information as needed – including EXIF and IPTC info.  All actions associated with an image (approval, reshoot, comments, discard) are time and date stamped along with WHO did that action to that particular image.

All of these features thrilled this manufacturer as they shoot with multiple photographers in several locations (Backdrop is web-based so people can use it from anywhere there is internet service).  In addition, the ability to comment directly on images in Backdrop meant that they didn’t have to try and describe comments via email.  Team members loved the accountability feature with time/date stamping and were excited about being able to associate metadata with images prior to them being released into their digital asset management application.  Overall, they realized that Backdrop would help them get organized and improve the efficiency of their workflow – which makes us at Widen so happy we could help!

Backdrop By Widen

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