Backdrop – Online Photo Shoot Review Application – at Photo Plus Expo in NYC

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Day one is done with the Photo Plus Expo, the leading event in photography.   Kristina Lee – Backdrop Product Manager, Chris Norris – Lead Developer and I are in New York representing Widen at booth #1848 showcasing Backdrop.

Backdrop Booth at Photo Plus Expo

What’s in the name Backdrop?  I can’t tell you how many times today people came up to us and asked “Do you sell Backdrops?”  If we did and that’s what people were looking for, we all would have left the show thinking we sold gold.  Also, no we don’t digitally superimpose you on top of 30 Rock, getting chased by a Rhinoceros on an African Safari or of your children sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall.  (We could… we do have the premedia services expertise to do so.)  That’s not the purpose of Backdrop.  Backdrop by Widen is “behind the scenes” for photography workflow management just as Widen’s other solutions are considered “back office” marketing and creative software.  (Much of the software for content management and structure of digital content is categorized as “back office.”  We’ll accept that.) 

What is meant by “behind the scenes"…you ask?  Basically, we like to think of it like this:  Photographers take photographs, creative people design – and everything in between should be held to minimal duty by automating many of the manual tasks and communication procedures.  The automated workflow takes place courtesy of Backdrop by Widen - a photography approval system working “behind the scenes.”  We understand that everyone has a different workflow and photographers have different ways of doing things with different clients.  That’s why Backdrop is both intelligent and flexible.  The configurable Photoscript is designed to follow your workflow (photographers and commercial clients) all while making things more efficient.  We don’t aim to add any steps to your photography review cycles, but we do help to remove more than a few and make other steps faster. 

So what is Backdrop?  Here’s a few of our rehearsed elevator pitches… Backdrop is a web-based photography routing and approval system… photo asset management and collaboration software… but not software as in “Oh no, I can’t buy anymore software.”  It’s SaaS – which means no installs, no licensing fees, no complicated functionality to learn, no upgrades and nobody gets left out or left alone.  Backdrop allows clients to review photo shoots online.  Can’t make it to the shoot?  Need to review and approve photos in real time?  Backdrop by Widen is there.  Trying to eliminate unnecessary travel?  Backdrop will have you at the shoot without physically being at the shoot. 

Lastly, there’s much to be said about accountability.  Backdrop is intended to let people see and interact with only the files they are supposed to see.  All comments, approvals, requests for reshoots, denials and every other major action is automatically stamped with who did it and when. 

So there’s a little ditty on Backdrop by Widen.  If you’re in the Javits Center area in New York City this Friday or Saturday, feel free to stop by Widen’s booth #1848 for a closer look at Backdrop. 

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