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Be Eudaimonious.

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Be Eudaimonious. (U-DAH-MOAN-E-US)

This post is not about digital asset management or premedia. It's not about marketing or technology. This post, quite simply, is about people – our people. Widen is always on the lookout for talented people because ultimately, it is our people that make a difference. It is our people that help organizations operate more efficiently, elegantly and powerfully. It is our people that help make the world a better place by reducing the amount of paper and consumables. It is our people that make up the Widen Advantage.

Watch this video from our CEO Matthew Gonnering talking about what it means to “Be Eudaimonious.”

Want to learn more? This section is taken straight from our Core Philosophy document...

To be eudaimonious is to strive for sustainable happiness by achieving excellence while pursuing actions that demonstrate a grander sense of purpose. Great accomplishments take significant time and effort requiring an individual to make decisions that demand courage and honesty while understanding that short-term gains are not always progressing toward long-term happiness. At Widen, we conduct ourselves with a grander sense of purpose and strive to achieve the greater good by balancing the key components of our lives; families, friends, careers, education, and personal activities. Eudaimonia aligns with our sustainable business practices to ensure the organization is providing a place for the next generation of leaders. Building a culture of employees that understands our purpose and the impact we make economically, socially, and environmentally.

Eudaimonia is not something your manager can review; it is only something with which employees can review of themselves. And that self-review should not take place in a system of metrics, such as meeting or exceeding expectations. Eudaimonia is for the employee to determine and to critique their own level of happiness based on a balanced lifestyle and grand sense of purpose. As an organization, we promote eudaimonia as an ethical framework; part of the organizational philosophy that also consists of purpose, values, mission and vision. Our ethical framework is to "Be eudaimonious."

Check out our careers page for current opportunities or browse our site to see the services we provide and the people we work with. Contact us to learn more.

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