Being a Widen DAMster: An Interview with Cody Lueck, Multimedia Content Manager/eLearning Developer at Tyco Integrated Security

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Cody Lueck

Leadership and training has always been Cody Lueck’s passion. He gained his experience serving two tours overseas with the Marine Corps and graduating with a BA in Digital Filmmaking and Multimedia Production. Cody now gets to create content for one of the top leaders in Security Technology Solutions, helping to improve the performance in their everyday work life. Tyco created the role specifically for Cody to bring best practices to their business. The Widen Media Collective has been the ultimate media tool for him and his clients.

Here’s what Cody had to say about connecting valuable content using Widen’s flagship cloud-based DAM solution, the Media Collective.

1. What do you do as a Multimedia Content Manager at Tyco? What are you responsible for?
As the Multimedia Content Manager for Training Operations/Support for Tyco Integrated Security, I am responsible for all multimedia content development for training and supporting our Sales, Tech, and Customer Care Channels. I’m also a shared asset to Tyco Global and our sister companies, participating in developing content for Marketing, customer facing materials, retail and Environmental Health and Safety. I stay pretty busy! It’s a unique role, I’m pretty much the only one at the company.

I work with the subject matter experts in other departments and help them develop scripts, storyboards, to interactive PDF forms, and playbooks. I specialize in video and animation. Pretty much all forms of multimedia.
2. What does the word content mean to you? 
Content to me is a combination of useful and powerful information that is relevant and necessary for improving individual performance in all departments and channels. But the main focus is to help improve our reps performance and the way they do business.
3. What does a typical day of work look like for you?
A typical day for me starts with email and an internal customer request. I’ll send them to my personal SharePoint site and they’ll look over some of the past projects that I’ve created. I have an interactive calendar that’s tied to a request form and they have some media delivery options and I’ll take that request and start with a storyboard and development on to creative pre-production. There’s scriptwriting, storyboarding, then on to production and design (for whatever multimedia content clients request, whether it be video, animation, e-Learning Modules for LMS, interactive forms, PDFs etc.)

My favorite thing is video because it’s so powerful. People nowadays don’t want to read anything, they just want to sit back and watch. There are so many videos with great content and animation all tied together in one. Typography and imagery altogether is probably my favorite thing.

A great example inside of work is the “Make The Moment” customer testimonial videos we did. They were pretty powerful. It was kind of like a contest. Basically, we had each rep explain what they believe Customer Experience means to them and they wrote down their story of what happened with a customer and then and how they handled that. Just being able to share that was really cool.

Tyco Media Source Digital Asset Management System by Widen
4. Are you a frequent user of the Media Collective? If so, how are you using it? 
I use Tyco Media Source (our name for the Widen Media Collective) everyday. I mainly post my video content to the site. 

Our teams like it because it’s one of the best platforms available to us. Most of our reps have mobile devices and we usually push out web clips like temporary app icons to their phones and iPads that links to these videos in Tyco Media Source. They like it because it’s a great cloud service that is fast and easy to use. 

The challenge is getting everyone to sign up for an account and link the Widen mobile app to their devices, so they can get the other content that we have on there. We’ve done a few test groups and plan on rolling it out to the rest of the company. Our sister companies use it more often – Tyco Retail Solutions, Scott Safety Products etc. They have tons of content on there.
5. How would you describe the tie between digital asset management and content? Is that important to the marketing and creative efforts at Tyco? 
Content can’t work without having a digital asset management platform. We have mass amounts of content being created every day and everyone is on the go, so a cloud solution is a must-have tool to deliver this information to our team anytime, anywhere. 

I have how-to videos the reps can get to right away and we can maybe cut time in half on the project just by watching the video.

6. How does DAM give you more visibility and control? How is the Media Collective part of your content marketing strategy and process?
It does. I recently started using the admin tools to look at analytics, so I can show the impact of what we designed and marry it to sales. I have to share those numbers all the time. That feature shows how many people watch the videos we create.

7. How can DAM go "beyond the library" as a means for storage and access to bridge the entire marketing-customer experience?
It’s a great platform for us. The way that everything is organized, you can narrow down to a title and control that. The value of the FTP site is huge, too. We use it more often than others because our reps are in the field and can get content without having to go through multiple network logins. We have SharePoint, but the reps have to be logged in on VPN or at the office, so it doesn’t work as well. 

It’s been huge for collaborating. My boss uses it, other team members upload content. Especially the tenured reps can point and tap and click and videos show up right away. I don’t have to take more steps to show them how to use the software. It’s self explanatory.

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